Creating a home theater, you still lack og this Dolby panoramic sound

Under the influence of the epidemic, people have to stay at home to fight the epidemic. The time spent at home is long and boring. Apart from work and study, how to spend time? Nothing more than video, games. The experience of video games is not only related to performance, but also has a great relationship with sound quality. After the sound quality is improved, the movie can be more immersive and shocking. The concert is more three-dimensional, and the game can be heard and identified. Today I will recommend a speaker to build your home theater. It can greatly improve the home audio and video experience, it is the innovative SxfiCarrier Dolby Atmos surround sound.

As home theater equipment, the appearance of speakers is important. The color can’t be too fancy, otherwise it will overwhelm the guest and affect the viewing experience. The innovative sound of the sound flying sound overall adopts a black design, full of sense of lines. The overall feeling is calm and low-key. There is no interface on the front of the speaker. The subwoofer that comes with the speaker looks square. The line design is clean and clear. The speaker is narrow and compact, and the length is almost the same as that of a 55-inch home TV, so it is suitable to be placed in the living room and matched with the TV.

Building a home theater, of course, also requires shocking sound quality. Surround sound and stereo sound must be available, otherwise how can there be a cinematic shock? Inside the speaker are seven speaker driver units of different sizes and shapes, achieving the characteristics of pure Dolby Atmos acoustics. Through the combination of custom-designed sound driver units and intelligent algorithms, the speakers can intelligently reduce ambient noise in the sound, enhance the volume of vocals, and make dialogues in movies clearer. The combination of the built-in sound driver unit of the speaker and the attached subwoofer makes the bass effect deep and powerful, making people feel like they are in a movie theater.

A very important point of the sound is the volume, and the sound should be loud enough. The sound should cover the entire living room, so that you can find a comfortable place to watch movies. The innovative Sonics sound features SUPERWIDE technology. It gives the speaker a powerful sound field. Let the stereo radiate to the whole living room, and the whole family can feel the cinema-level audio experience.

Tired of watching movies and want to play games? It can satisfy you too! The stereo technology of the speaker allows users to get a good gaming experience. In the game, players can easily use the stereo sound to identify the position and determine the enemy’s position, so as to easily win the game.

There are several ways to connect Dolby Atmos surround sound. Allows users to choose the most convenient way to connect. Allows users to easily connect speakers whether in video or games. Connect to a computer via HDMI, or connect to a game console or computer via Type-C. You can also connect your phone or tablet via Bluetooth. It is worth mentioning that there is also a 3.5mm headphone jack on the speaker, so that users can also experience the sound effects of Dolby Atmos surround sound through headphones.