iOS 15.2.1 is officially released, is it worth upgrading? Make a decision after watching the real experience

Apple Releases Minor iOS 15.2.1 and iPadOS 15.2.1 Updates - MacRumors

Early this morning, Apple officially released iOS 15.2.1. From the naming point of view, this is a small update. The update content includes: 1. The information may not be loaded into the photos sent through the iCloud link; 2. The third-party Carplay car app may not respond to the input.

Although it seems that only two problems have been fixed, in fact, iOS 15.2.1 has secretly fixed a lot of bugs. Friends who haven’t upgraded yet, don’t worry, let’s see what users who have upgraded have said.

User 1: The update has been completed, the multi-core performance scheduling is stronger than 15.0, the Geekbench5 running score has been enhanced, iOS15.0 single-core 1325, multi-core 2357, after updating to iOS15.2.1, single-core 1331, multi-core 3422, obviously the performance has been enhanced.

User 2: After upgrading to iOS15.2.1, the mobile phone suddenly loses signal, and the SIM card must be re-inserted, shut down and restarted to solve the problem.

User 3: The entire update is a bug fix for the iPhone. It has been used for a period of time and has not encountered any major problems. You can update it with confidence.

User 4: The battery health of the iPhone 13 Pro was 100% before the update, and dropped to 99% after the update.

User 5: I feel that there is no difference in experience between iOS15.2.1 and the previous iOS15.2. I have been using it for a few hours, and the battery life, signal, and system fluency are the same as before.

User 6: iOS15.2.1 finally fixed the Carplay problem. The interface has been stuck after passing Carplay, but now it can be used smoothly.

In addition to pushing iOS15.2.1, Apple also released the iOS15.3 Beta2 test version, which has been updated by some users. The specific experience is as follows.

User 1: The iOS15.3 beta2 signal is indeed much better than the previous one. It seems that there is a problem with the baseband firmware of 15.2.

User 2: I have been using the beta version of iOS15.3 for 2 weeks. This time I also upgraded to beta2 first. I feel that the battery life is as good as iOS15.2.

User 3: The biggest feeling after the iPhone 13 Pro is upgraded to iOS 15.3 Beta 2 is that the battery is more stable, and the battery life feels longer than before.

Since the official release of iOS 15, several minor version updates have basically fixed bugs and did not bring new functions. However, considering that iOS 15 is already very complete, Apple will focus on repairing the signal problem. The experience should be will be better.

Finally, judging from the feedback from users who have upgraded to iOS15.2.1, compared to the previous version, the experience has not been greatly improved, or even improved. This is a very small version update. If you need to use CarPlay, you can upgrade, otherwise There is no problem in continuing to stay on iOS15.2.