Men and women are together and have not shared these things, which means it is not true love

Some people say that good relationships make us all better ourselves.

If in a relationship, you feel wronged and become less and less like yourself, it only means that you have not met the right person.

What is true love? Some people thought it was the heartbeat of the lightning flash, but some people felt that they could support each other in the long river of time and finish this dull and long life.

If you pursue romantic love and the promise of a mountain alliance, then all men and women who can attract each other in the world can be called love. But in fact, no one can be so free and easy, and most people want a result.

What kind of love is called true love? As far as our ordinary life is concerned, when men and women are together, they have shared these things, and most of them are true love. If not, you must know how to stop losses in time.

01 money

Money is often the best litmus test for people’s hearts.

It’s just that too many men and women are ashamed to talk about money when they are in love, thinking that this will tarnish their feelings.

But in fact, without the support of money, love is difficult to go on. After all, it is impossible to press the road and drink the northwest wind every time on a date. There are always behaviors such as watching movies, eating or visiting amusement parks.

Sanmao said that the matter of love will not last long if it is not implemented in such trivial matters as getting dressed, eating, and getting sick.

Take it for granted. No matter how beautiful love is, in the end, it still has to face real life, food, clothing, housing, transportation, food, drink, and Lhasa, all of which are inseparable from money.

Those couples who think that they are otherworldly and always refuse to face money, can’t go longer and farther.

Some people say that in a relationship, a man who is willing to spend money for a woman is true love.

But that’s not necessarily the case. For some men who spend money on women, perhaps for ulterior motives, money is just bait.

For people who are truly in love, they will not shy away from talking about money. Men are willing to give money to women for safekeeping, and women will never waste money with men.

They understand that the future life depends on the two people working together to create, the two people twist into a force, and when they talk about money, they are candid and never concealed.

Because you can talk about the feelings of money, it will make people feel safe. And a person who cares about money, then his feelings for you are also measured inch by inch.

02 Friends

It is said that when a person has love, he can’t wait to let the whole world know his happiness.

Both men and women can’t help but share their joy with those closest to them, and they will also bring their loved ones into their circles and introduce their friends to him.

If you have been in love with a person for a long time, but you have never seen any of his relatives and friends, and no one knows your existence, even if you meet his acquaintances, he will cover up his relationship with you.

At this time you have to be careful, maybe he is not ready, but it may also be because he has not determined his relationship with you in his heart.

Although you are boyfriend and girlfriend on the surface, but in his heart, you are just the right person for him at the moment. Once he meets someone more suitable than you, he may get away at any time.

Because he never made your presence public, he was well prepared to evacuate at any time.

In such a situation, you should think carefully about this relationship. Is it to be confused as the “invisible man” in his life, or to leave as soon as possible and stop the loss in time.

You must know that the person who loves you deeply will not put you in a dark place or put you in an embarrassing role. He will openly announce his relationship with you.

He really loves you and may not take you to see your parents right away, but he will never shy away from talking about you in front of his friends.

It’s not that difficult to know how the other person really feels about you. He never shares his circle of friends with you, which shows the truth of everything.

03 Dilemma

It is impossible for a person to be smooth sailing at all times in his life, and he may always encounter difficulties of one kind or another.

When you are in trouble, those who can stay by your side and never give up will truly love you, don’t doubt.

Many people are used to talking about love, but how much is actually used for action?

A person who truly loves you will not retreat when difficulties come, but will stand firmly with you, give you support and encouragement, and face the storm with you.

Such people are worth cherishing for your whole life.

If a person only surrounds you when you are beautiful, covets your money, is obsessed with your appearance, but mocks you in every possible way when you encounter setbacks, and waits for an opportunity to find an excuse to leave you, he does not really love you.

Writer Lian Yue said that both love and marriage are unpredictable, but there is a basic principle – mutual achievement is the best addition to love.

This life, not the people you meet, must be worth your heart and soul.

When young, who hasn’t seen the wrong time? You must know that some scenery on the road of life can only be liked, but not collected; some people are only suitable for meeting, but not suitable for long-term companionship.

No amount of “I love you” a person can say can equal the few things he shared with you when he was with you.

True love is not only expressed in words, but in real feelings.

When you meet the person who gives you true love, you must hold his hand tightly and run towards the road of happiness together.