Tonga’s submarine volcano eruption caused tsunami, Japan, the United States and other places urged people to stay away from the shore

An underwater volcano in Tonga, a South Pacific island country, erupted on January 14, and the eruption on the 15th caused a tsunami. Many countries in the Pacific Rim issued tsunami warnings on the 15th. Japan and the United States respectively urged people to stay away from the shore. New Zealand Some ships at the port were washed ashore and damaged.

The Japan Broadcasting Association (NHK) reported on the 16th that the Japan Meteorological Agency issued a tsunami warning to the Amami Islands and Tokara Islands in Kagoshima Prefecture in the early morning of the 16th, indicating that there may be a 3-meter-high tsunami in the area. The authorities later extended the warning to Iwate Prefecture, northeastern Honshu, urged people to take refuge in highlands immediately.

From the clips taken by the public, it can be seen that a large number of people on Amami Oshima drove to the higher-lying areas, and the roads were very congested. A 1.2-meter-high tsunami was recorded locally, and a 1.1-meter flood occurred at Kuji Port in Iwate Prefecture; the height of the tsunami in Ogasawara Islands, Shikoku Kochi Prefecture, Honshu Wakayama Prefecture, Hokkaido and other places was about 0.9 meters, among which Muroto City, Kochi Prefecture Three ships in the port were washed away and sank, but luckily no one was on board at the time.

In the North Island of New Zealand, a number of yachts moored at a port in the Northland region (Northland) were washed ashore by the tsunami. Local people said that the floodwaters overwhelmed the breakwater. They said that the civil protection department issued a general tsunami warning earlier. , there were no sirens and phone calls to the area.