Apple iPhone 13 models no longer include the noise cancellation offered by the predecessor

More and more users are complaining that the iPhone 13 lacks the ability to set up phone noise cancellation via Accessibility, which was available in all previous iPhones but not in newer iPhones. Now, we believe that Apple actually voluntarily removed this feature. Phone Noise Cancellation can be turned on to reduce ambient background noise on phone calls when the handset is placed to the ear.

A 9to5Mac reader shared his Twitter conversation with Apple Support. According to him, “After liaising with Apple and a senior consultant for several months to wait for an update to fix the issue, I got an update on the issue, and apparently, it won’t be fixed, for unknown reasons. , the noise cancellation for these devices is intentionally disabled,” Apple’s support team replied after asking for clarification on whether the iPhone 13 series would not support phone noise cancellation.

Yes it is not supported. If you would like to leave feedback on this feature, please feel free to visit:

A month ago, a Reddit user asked about the iPhone 13’s phone noise cancellation because it wasn’t available on the accessibility page. Another user then pointed to an Apple forum discussion thread from October. An Apple community expert at the time directed the answer to an article that helped users adjust audio settings on their iPhones.

Another user, dagocarlito, posted that Apple is aware of the issue: the iPhone 13 has “never had” this option in iOS 15, I’ve been discussing this with Apple’s support, and there is currently no timetable for a resolution. The issue also caused echo issues on CarPlay during calls between iPhone 13s. This is a major flaw that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

Now, we finally know that Apple isn’t planning to fix the problem, as the company believes removing the feature is necessary. As of now, the only workaround available is to activate voice isolation in the call options in the control center.