CBA reproduces martial arts conference | Injured player rushes to opponent to fight

The CBA arena has always been highly confrontational, and body collisions frequently occur, but sometimes they are too buried to avoid conflicts.

A few days ago, in the 120:90 victory of Liaoning Benxi Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. against Dongguan Dayi, Guangdong, a fierce conflict broke out between the two sides. Both parties involved in the incident were expelled, and they were later suspended by the competition.

From time to time, news of “super technical fouls” or “killing pushes” have been reported in mainland leagues. The most familiar one recently is the WCBA’s “wet foot” incident. The scene where the victim’s ankle was stepped on to a 90-degree bend is quite astonishing. .

A few days ago, the “Wulin Conference” also appeared in the CBA arena. In the third quarter of the Liaoning Bengang vs. Guangdong Dongguan Dayi match, the latter foreign player Weems hit Liaoning player Han Dejun in the face with his hand during the attack. Han Dejun fell to the ground in an instant, and the bridge of his nose was bleeding and there were signs of deformation.

Of course, the ball card quickly called for a foul, but “beaten” Han Dejun didn’t seem to be outdone, and rushed to Weems to try to reason, and the players on both sides immediately mixed up. The two protagonists then punched each other, the scene was chaotic for a time, and finally the ball card expelled the two.

After that, the CBA also quickly announced the penalty. Han Dejun was suspended for 6 games and fined 200,000 yuan; Guangdong’s Weems was suspended for 4 games and fined 140,000 yuan.