How to improve the thermal insulation performance of the sun room in winter?

Many people’s ideal sun room is like this:

A beautiful glass house with some flowers and plants in it, you can bathe in the sun and drink afternoon tea in winter, and spend a lazy afternoon. When it snows in winter, stay indoors and watch the snow, and snowflakes fall on the glass, as if entering a fairy tale world…

However, the ideal is very plump, the reality is very skinny.

Whenever the sun room is mentioned, many people love and hate it: without good thermal insulation measures, the sun room becomes a “sauna room” and a “steamer room” in summer; in winter, it is “bitterly cold”. It has become a “natural refrigerator”.

Mr. A: In winter, the sun room is freezing cold. The flowers and plants planted in the glass room are frozen to death. I don’t want to step into it at all. It can only be used as a warehouse.

Analysis: Such problems will occur mainly because the materials and design of the sun room are not fully considered during the construction of the sun room, resulting in poor thermal insulation effect.

Ms. B: I built a sun room on the roof. I didn’t expect the temperature difference between inside and outside to be too big.

Analysis: If the heat insulation effect of the sun room is not good, and it is too cold in winter and the windows are not opened frequently for ventilation, the air humidity in the sun room is high, and this phenomenon is prone to occur when the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is large.

Why is other people’s sun room not cold at all in winter? Today, let’s take a look at how the sun room can improve the thermal insulation and ventilation effects. Friends who want to build a sun room at home must not miss it~

01 The sun room has good thermal insulation
Profile: The top surface of the sun room is covered by laminated glass and sealant, so the thermal insulation of the profile is mainly on the doors and windows of the facade. It is recommended that you choose broken bridge aluminum doors and windows. Higher load bearing and longer service life. In severe cold places, aluminum system doors and windows with better thermal insulation and sealing performance can be used.

Glass: The glass of the sun room is also divided into top glass and facade door and window glass.

In the case where the roof glass of the sun room is exposed, if you want better thermal insulation performance, you can add on the basic configuration of its laminated glass: hollow laminated glass, hollow low-e laminated glass, etc.

The doors and windows of the facade are mainly made of insulating glass. The insulating glass itself has better thermal insulation performance. If the weather is cold, it can also be upgraded to low-e insulating glass, three glass and two cavities, filled with air, and added warm edge strips. etc… Improve the thermal insulation performance of doors and windows.

Heating facilities: After the sun room is built, don’t forget to add floor heating or air conditioning. The sun room is already warmer than other rooms in winter (provided that your sun room is well selected). The effect is excellent, the cold wind is howling outside in winter, and the sun room is still warm as spring.

Sun protection measures: The winter insulation measures of the sun room have been completed, and don’t forget to take precautionary measures to protect the sun in summer~

The doors and windows of the facade can choose built-in louvers (magnetic suction/electric) in insulating glass, and electric sunshades are used on the top surface to prevent sun exposure in summer by shading. The operation is simple and convenient, and the appearance is fashionable and exquisite. Avoid dusting and cleaning.

After choosing the various configurations of the sun room, there is another key point of “sealing and heat preservation” in winter – installation!

As the saying goes, “three points of products, seven points of installation”, there are many excellent door and window products, just because the installation team is not professional, causing users to have various problems during use, so when building a sun room, you must choose A brand of doors and windows by an experienced professional installation team.

02 Sunroom ventilation
Too cold to open the window?

NO, open it no matter how cold it is!

In the cold winter, in order to keep warm, most people will choose to close the doors and windows. However, under such unventilated conditions, the air humidity is high, and condensation is more likely to form on the glass; and the indoor air quality is turbid, which will cause harm to our health, especially during the outbreak of the epidemic, it is necessary to open more windows for ventilation ~

As the saying goes, open the window for ventilation, open the window for ventilation! The most effective way to increase ventilation, of course, is to open more windows!

Window type selection: In terms of ventilation capacity, the sliding window has a large opening area, and there is no obstruction to the air intake by the opening angle of the window sash. However, the sliding window is particularly concerned with the product performance. If you want the doors and windows to be insulated, you must choose the broken bridge sliding window with good sealing performance.

As for the windows of the sun room, the casement windows and the inward opening and inner inverted windows are generally preferred. The sealing effect of casement windows is better; there is only a gap of about ten centimeters when the windows are opened inward and inverted, which can gently ventilate and ventilate, avoid the cold wind blowing directly on the human body, and avoid the situation of cold due to cold wind in winter.

Friends on the first floor can also choose heavy-duty folding doors, heavy-duty sliding doors, lifting sliding doors, etc., open the fan in a large area, and the ventilation effect is better.

The skylight can cooperate with the facade doors and windows to form better convection heat dissipation and ventilation. In the cold winter, the airflow can be softly entered into the sun room, and it will not make people feel the cold wind like the side windows. In summer, hot air can be quickly discharged and fresh air can be introduced to achieve a good air circulation effect.

Solved the winter warmth and ventilation problems of the sun room, what are you still hesitating about? Hurry up and build a sun room for your home! When the wind is piercing, I sit in the sun room to bask in the sun, read books, grow flowers and grow grass. In my spare time, I meet two or three friends, drink tea and chat in the sun room… Life is like this Cozy~