Apple compromises with the Netherlands to open third-party payment system, but only for dating apps

Apple Inc said on Saturday (January 15) it will comply with an order from the Dutch market regulator to allow Dutch dating app developers to offer users third-party payment methods.

This “compromise” only applies to the Netherlands, and only to dating apps. In addition, Apple warned that it would not be able to assist with security issues such as payments or refunds that occurred outside of Apple’s systems, citing that Apple had no “direct knowledge” of the information.

The Dutch Consumer and Market Authority (ACM) issued a notice on December 24 asking Apple to lift restrictions on the payment system of dating software. ACM said that if Apple does not make rectifications within two months, it will be fined 5 million euros per week, with a cap of up to 50 million euros. It is reported that Apple is currently appealing the decision in the Netherlands.

ACM said at the time that in iPhones, dating software is only available through Apple’s App Store, leaving suppliers highly dependent on Apple and having no choice but to accept Apple’s conditions. Therefore, the ACM finds that Apple has a dominant position.

Earlier, South Korea’s telecom regulator said Apple had submitted plans to allow third-party payment systems into its app store to comply with the country’s new telecom law.