Game Cards Are Valuable | A Pokémon Is Worth $369,000! Senior players dismantle two valuable points

To get rich by investing, in addition to speculating in stocks and properties, more and more people are buying emerging “assets” that appreciate in value, such as Bitcoin, sneakers, and trendy games. But have you ever thought that a game card can be worth a car, or even the first issue of a floor? According to foreign media reports, in November 2020, a rare Pokémon first-generation fire-breathing dragon card was sold for $369,000.

What is driving the wave of nostalgia that makes childhood playthings now priceless collectibles? Helen, a veteran player who is engaged in the financial industry and has 22 years of experience in collecting Pokémon cards, not only shared his personal collection with reporters, but also dismantled one by one why “high-priced cards” are so valuable!

Pokémon premiered in Japan in 1997, and it has been 24 years since then, but the popularity has not diminished over time, and peripheral products are popular with the public, among which Pokémon cards have become the new favorite in the collection industry. In August 2019, an intact original Charizard card sold for $50,000. But in April 2021, the same card was sold for $360,000 at the American auction house “Goldin Auctions”, which attracted much attention.

Pokémon card originates from the Trading Card Game (TCG), which refers to the game played by using special cards sold. Players play one-on-one two-player battles according to specific rules, ​a set of cards There are 60 cards, and there are three different types of cards, namely Pokémon, Energy and Trainer. The stronger the Pokémon’s attack power, the more advantageous it is in the game.

Helen has been exposed to Pokémon cards since he was a child. When he grew up, he began to collect a large number of cards. At first, he wanted to get back his old feelings, but gradually he collected thousands of cards. Most of the cards were drawn, and they were also purchased online or exchanged with friends .

She revealed that on average, new game cards are released every two years, and the old ones will be “retired”. Some players who are mainly participating in the game may give up the cards in their hands. She starts with these players and saves them now. A better set of first-generation cards was purchased from the champion of Hong Kong for only $70 that year, including 12 Pokémon cards with a market value of at least tens of thousands of dollars.

However, there are some cards that these players will not put on sale. “For example, after winning each war zone, you will get two champion cards, which are of commemorative value. When you bought the first-generation cards back then, they all picked them up and refused to sell them.”