Samsung Galaxy S22 series model exposed

As time goes on, the exact release date of the Samsung Galaxy S22 series of smartphones has been subject to several rounds of speculation. The latest news points to this point in time on February 9. However, some overseas bloggers recently released the hands-on video of the three models of the Galaxy S22 series, which is the first to let netizens know about the rear lens module, screen design details and color matching.

Overseas video bloggers are the first to get started with the Galaxy S22 Ultra model. It can be seen that the number and arrangement of the rear lens modules are almost similar to the previous generation S21 Ultra, but this time, the metal frame like the S21 Ultra has been cancelled to make the visual The feeling (especially the black shell version) is more harmonious and unobtrusive.

Although it is the S22 Ultra model, it can be seen that the stylus position is suspected to be designed at the bottom right corner of the fuselage. In this way, the “essence” of the Samsung Note series will be “inherited” by the S series, which may further prove that Samsung will From 2022, the dual flagship (Note/S) product layout will be integrated into one flagship product series.

From the details of the fuselage screen, it can be seen that this time the S22 Ultra will use a micro-curved screen design, which is believed to bring a better screen experience.

The relevant hardware parameters of the S22 Ultra are almost the same as the previously exposed information, except that the 1TB storage version and the model using the Exynos 2200 version will be postponed after the S22 series is launched.

The parameters of the S22 Ultra rear lens module are also similar to the previous speculation.

Finally, the video blogger also briefly explained the three models of the Samsung S22 series. From the above comparison chart, we can see that the appearance of the S22 Ultra is more angular, and with the addition of a stylus, it is indeed almost the same as its own Note 20 Ultra.

It has to be mentioned that according to the forecast of research institutions in the ranking of global smartphone shipments in Q4 in 2021, Apple has surpassed Samsung to become the champion with a market share of 23.2% due to the excellent record of the iPhone 13 series, while OPPO and Xiaomi are ranked after Samsung. The market share is more than 10%. Therefore, if Samsung does not win more attention through the upcoming flagship S series, then perhaps in 2022 Samsung can continue to rely on its own cost-effective A series to win a certain market, but whether it can keep the second world ranking in the future is also very important. Hard to predict.