Beckham’s wife took beautiful photos, appeared in a white shirt, and showed her good figure with all the buttons unbuttoned

Recently, Beckham’s wife Victoria shared her beauty video on social platforms. From the video she posted, you can see that she was wearing a silk white shirt that day, with a plaid skirt underneath. The video Among them, she is teaching everyone how to make up with an eyebrow pencil in her hand. It can be seen that although her skin is relatively dark, her facial features are very three-dimensional, and her eyes are very deep, so the whole person has a melancholy feeling.

In the video, she carefully explained her beauty steps, but everyone’s attention was on the dress she wore that day. You can see the white silk shirt she is wearing, almost all unbuttoned. Except for the two buttons on the bottom, the four buttons on the top are completely loosened, so the whole shirt is also worn by her with a deep V feeling. The see-through white shirt she wears even allows people to clearly see her own skin color, so this pure white silk shirt has a feeling of light and dark intertwined.

In fact, what was even more shocking was that she didn’t seem to be wearing underwear that day, because the white shirt she was wearing actually allowed people to clearly see the clothes she was wearing and her skin color. Judging from her white shirt, she doesn’t seem to be wearing any clothes inside. In fact, it is not surprising to see her look like this. The main reason is that now she has become a designer, and the designer has different opinions on his own dressing style and style, which is different from what we ordinary people are pursuing. The way of dressing is different.

David and Victoria Beckham mark 21st wedding anniversary with sentimental  photo montages | The Independent | The Independent

For designers, they pay more attention to reflecting the design of clothing, and they also pay attention to how to make themselves wear the temperament of the clothing itself, so it is said that the white shirt on her body has changed from An ordinary, somewhat casual outfit becomes a sexy piece. Now 47 years old, she is not as hot and bold as she was when she was young, but with the increase of age, she has a sense of fierceness of a strong woman.

You can see that she in the video is actually just explaining the steps of beauty makeup, but just through the video, you can also feel a sense of not being angry and self-righteous. It can be said that when you see her, you can imagine the image of a strong woman. What is it like. In fact, it is not wrong to call her a strong woman. After all, many netizens think that Beckham, as a star who has retired for many years, still has a high degree of attention and commercial value, most of which are derived from for the operation of her wife Victoria.

After all, Victoria can be said to be committed to exposing her family to the media in order to gain more attention, which is also an important reason why Beckham can retire immediately for many years, but still maintain her popularity. Now their family can be said to be a star family spanning many fields of fashion, sports and entertainment, which shows her strong heart and wise mind. It was always said that Victoria was famous because of Beckham, but now, in fact, the two people should belong to each other.