How to capture the feeling of “quiet”?

Photos can express many feelings, including happy, sad, lively, and quiet. What kind of feeling it brings depends entirely on the photographer’s framing, composition, and shooting techniques. This time, let us learn how to shoot ” Quiet” feeling!

(1) Expressing a sense of space
A wide space can usually bring a feeling of empty and quiet. Using a wide-angle lens and shooting in an open place, with the following elements, the photo can appear “quiet”.

a sense of space and emotion | natashagavin

(2) Use plain colors
A strong and stimulating color is exciting, and it is difficult to feel calm, so to make the photo feel “quiet”, you can try to reduce the contrast and saturation of the photo, and avoid shooting very vivid colors.

Plain Colour Pictures | Download Free Images on Unsplash

(3) There is no motion blur, or something that “moves”
Slow shutter speeds can produce motion blur, but this effect tends to give the impression that objects are moving, so a fast shutter speed should be used to freeze that moment. Of course, it is best not to have vehicles, people, water, flowers and plants blown by the wind, etc. that make people feel like they are moving!

Generate "Perspective Motion" with Photoshop! - YouTube

(4) Soft and average light
To reduce contrast, we can shoot in soft light, such as early morning light, or a cloudy day.

Hard, soft and diffused light - what is the difference? | broncolor

With the above elements, the photo will also make people feel more “quiet”. Now let’s take a reference to the example photo and see if you can find the above conditions in the photo?