Why does the universe limit its maximum speed to the speed of light?

  1. The creation and camouflage of matter Because matter can be created and observed only below the speed of light. In order for energy to be constructed into matter, it must operate under the properties of matter. Exceeding the speed of light is an immaterial form, such as consciousness. Consciousness needs to be defined here, and what we generally mean by consciousness is conscious consciousness. But obviously consciousness is not just conscious consciousness, it includes more. This is where ambiguity and misunderstanding can easily arise. The nerve conducts electrical signals, and the electrical signals are imaged, and consciousness perceives this image. Perceptions such as seeing, touching, hearing, thinking, etc. are all neural electrical signals, and it is consciousness that can perceive these electrical signals. Brain nerve conduction velocity is not the speed of consciousness itself. You can be conscious of your consciousness, and this part is called conscious awareness. There is also a part of consciousness that you are not aware of, such as the part that controls your breathing and the part that controls your heartbeat. This part is called the subconscious mind. Language is the distortion and simplification of information such as thoughts and feelings. Words are just symbols, what really conveys is information! It can only simply convey a very rough part of its own thoughts, and when you receive language, it causes secondary distortions and simplifications due to your own subjective understanding. This causes its efficiency to drop again, that is to say, the information is distorted and lost again. Words carry thoughts, but words are not thoughts themselves. The physical body carries consciousness, but it cannot be said that the body is consciousness. Just as matter carries energy, it cannot be said that matter is energy. Matter is the projection of energy, and the body is the projection of consciousness. Matter can be understood as a dehydrated version of energy. is the projection of the real energy information. The energy that enters our material level, at the subconscious level, has an inherent model, and a little energy comes through to make up the material, fill the model, and make up our material. The energy that makes up the material is always being replaced by a constant pulsation. Material energy is a disguise of real energy. The frequency of its pulsation is reflected in the material world by Planck’s constant. Between two pulses, the energy constitutes antimatter. We cannot find them by means of matter, and they are characterized by anti-gravity and anti-space. It is precisely because of the existence of antimatter that materialization becomes possible. The effect is as if 1+(-1)=0. Antimatter space is the “pre-image” of matter space, and if the sine is compared to matter, then antimatter is the cosine. Our material universe and our antimatter universe are like the double helix of DNA, intertwined with each other and never intersect. Matter and antimatter, black gives me black eyes, and I use them to find light. Matter is a double superposition of light and light, with energy behind it. That is, the deformation of the mass-energy equation: m=E/c²

You imagine yourself as a beam of light, and all matter as a beam of light with different wavelengths. The light you observe with this beam of light is matter, the matter that changes from light waves to particles. Matter is the projection of double light, a holographic illusion. Why is the speed of light constant in the observation system at different speeds? It’s very simple, because matter is “created” by us. It’s not that we observe matter, but we “create” matter at the speed of light. For the observer, it is light itself. This “creation” The speed of the projection does not change.

2. The nature and information density of light, the subjective feeling is that of a thumbnail analog image. Many people may not have considered a question, what is the nature of light? Why does light travel without a medium? Because light is the medium itself. Matter is just the product of light projection. Consciousness, energy, and matter are different forms of the same thing, just like the gaseous, liquid, and solid states of water. But the difference is that they are the products of “dehydration” in turn, or the speed is reduced, or the frequency is reduced, or the information is reduced, and the information density is reduced. Consciousness decelerates into energy, which decelerates into matter. The scope of our observation is currently limited to the material world, that is, the world below the speed of light. The world that exceeds the speed of light cannot be observed, but it is not impossible, just because the information density is too high, the vibration frequency is too fast, and the speed is too fast to be detected by the instrument of matter. Instruments made of matter can only detect things with properties of matter below the speed of light. In a sense, the speed of light is precisely the “wall” that separates us from the rest of the world. Explain the density of information: For example, there are oxygen molecules in the air in front of us, but we cannot see them with our naked eyes, because our senses can only perceive matter at the conventional scale, but not at the molecular level. , then the space in front of us is “empty”, with nothing. This is the information density, and the information density is high at the molecular level relative to the human sensory level. To use another analogy, if you imagine yourself as an electron, then you are in a completely different dimension. You magically find that everything around you, the table, the house, the trees, is “disappeared”, and you can only see matter on the electronic scale, the matter that exists on the scale of a human being, is invisible to you . The place you usually think is empty, but at the scale of electrons, there are a lot of things. Similarly, if you are on the scale of a planet, you are also in a different “information density”, and a completely different “picture” is presented. All you see at the scale of the human senses are thumbnails! For example, now there are 10000 points as a whole information, every 100 points are compressed into 1 point, then we get 100 compressed points, if every 10 points are compressed into 1 point again, then we get 10 A super-compression point, what we see is these 10 thumbnail images. Each three-dimensional space compresses an infinite number of three-dimensional spaces, and an infinite number of points are compressed behind each point. The world we see is a world of thumbnails.

Similarly, the world that exceeds the speed of light also exists, but it does not exist in the form of matter, so it cannot be detected by instruments made of material means. This kind of world vibrates too high and the information density is extremely high, but for us, it is just “empty”. Why does light carry energy without a medium? You can think of light as the background of the entire physical world, light forms all matter, and light is the “medium” through which all waves travel. Matter is essentially a superposition of light, a holographic illusion.

Your perception of matter is nothing but the reception of some different vibrational frequencies of light as it slows down. All subjective feelings are the conversion of neural electrical signals of this vibrational frequency. Include the colors you see, the tastes you taste, the way your skin feels, how you behave, and what you think. That is to say, what you feel is not the objective world, but the simulation of the “objective world” by the neural electrical signals of the brain.

  1. The composition of consciousness and camouflage under the density of information. Everyone fasten your seat belts, I’m going to drive. The essence of our world is a whole, and this whole is consciousness. Consciousness is everywhere and fills the whole world. You can think of consciousness as the maximum amount of information in all probability. Consciousness is divided into conscious, subconscious, and unconscious, which are essentially the same thing. You can think of the conscious as a “dehydrated version” of the subconscious. What we usually call consciousness refers to the conscious. The conscious mind is the “dehydrated version” of the subconscious mind, and the subconscious mind is the “dehydrated version” of the unconscious. Everyone has their own frame of reference, and everyone has a common frame of reference, which is group consciousness. The two reference frames are not necessarily the same. It is only when you identify with group consciousness that you become integrated into a common frame of reference. After the consciousness slows down, energy is formed, and the specific process is very complicated. In simple terms, it is similar to the conversion of electric and magnetic fields. Through the continuous slowdown, the information density is continuously reduced, and the “dehydration” is more and more, resulting in different dimensions, from which our material world “jumps” out. That is to say, our physical world is a shortened version of a large amount of useful information lost.

It is equivalent to the continuous simplification, camouflage and distortion of the original information, and finally our material world is produced, and our world is an “abbreviated version”.

As dimensions increase, so does the amount of information each point in our world represents.

It can also be said that the information of each point is unlimited.

In other words, we receive information, but the processing of this information is limited to our vibrational level. We can only understand the information density of the “abbreviated version”! Because our brain itself is this abbreviated disguise! You can’t directly see molecular atoms on a human scale. You also cannot process the infinite information received from the higher information density. This passage is not easy to understand, but I want you to think about it. The information that people recognize constitutes our environment, our universe. Just around us, there is a huge amount of information that is now unrecognized, making up the universe in other dimensions. Because we can only get so much information at present, with the evolution, more and more information can be read out in the same picture, and the information density will increase. For example, the ancients did not know how the solar system works, so when they looked at the sky, they could only read limited information. Modern people can get more information by looking at the same sky. You take an infinitely high-pixel photo in the distance and look at it with a magnifying glass of different scales. At different scales, you can see different scenes. Each scale can be regarded as an information density. This is the best statement I can think of so far.

  1. The essence of matter Light is the basic background of our material world, and light fills our material world. The superposition of light and light creates a holographic illusion and constitutes matter. Matter is light. The essence of matter is vibration, vibration of different frequencies. After the speed of light is slowed down, or the light is decomposed, matter of different frequencies is formed. Just like dividing white light into seven colors, the so-called colors are just electromagnetic waves of different frequencies, and the nerve signals in the brain are converted into the colors we see. What we see is not the actual version of matter, but a shortened version of the electrical signals in the brain. Our senses are responsible for this loss of information. Light is slowed down only when we observe it, and the slowdown is caused by our senses and our brains. For any observer, it itself becomes a frame of reference. All reference systems one is below the last observer’s frame of reference. That is to say, the scientific instrument and the observed matter are unified under the reference frame of the scientist. Our brain is also a disguise of this material, and consciousness “creates” this physical disguise in order to experience it. Matter arises from the decomposition of the original frequency, which is infinitely iterative, of course, our material world is only a small part of it. I gave a definition of matter: matter is a quantity field that can interact with other matter. Behind it carries energy and consciousness in turn, and acts as a separate space-time reference frame to incorporate all the rest of the matter. You can imagine yourself as a beam of light, and use this beam to detect the surrounding light, which forms the world we feel. Then you may accept the following statement: When we observe the world, we “create” the world! Therefore, Schrödinger’s cat is obviously in a superposition state, haha, beside the point. Matter is a camouflage, a camouflage that our senses can perceive. Its essence is light waves, which can only be felt in the form of matter when observed. That is to say, the cat is a holographic illusion that our brains perceive. When not observing it is a wave, when observing it is a cat. It exists in two states at the same time, ecological and dead, and which state is observed depends on the reference frame taken. So, we can easily understand why other waves need medium, because all medium is the product of light. Light is the medium itself. You also know why there is the duality of waves and particles. When you are not observing, matter exists in the form of light waves. When you observe, it is superimposed with your observation to form matter. We also know why the speed of light does not change in all inertial systems, because light is the background, and after the speed of light is exceeded, there is another world, which is the direction of our evolution.

5. Time and space Time and space is a deep-rooted illusion, and its essence is the conversion of “dehydrated” information, that is, the observation of consciousness conversion focus, angle, and information density. Time and space, in our material world, are not continuous, but part by part. The underlying reason is the loss of information. Space does not exist, it is “opened” when you observe, created when you observe. Note: The observation here is not just “seeing”. No matter what inertial system you are in, you are “creating” space at the same rate. The same is true of time, the past, the present, and the future are already there, just there, and you only experience it when you observe. The so-called 3+1-dimensional Min’s space-time is being “created” all the time, and everyone has their own Min’s space-time. After being reminded by a friend, there is one more thing to pay attention to here. Change is always there, and there is no stagnant water. Our world is a constant flow of “stillness”. Always stable and synchronized “changes”. It’s the cyclical change that brings us to our sensory experience, where we experience the “simultaneous” past and future in slow motion. Both change and non-change depend on the frame of reference you take, and experience change in probabilistic and probable ways. This probability exists “simultaneously”. Obviously, each of us has our own space-time coordinate system. Time and space are indeed coupled, because it is ourselves who create space and time. To measure the speed of light is to create. Observation of any matter is creation. Time, space, and matter are the superposition of whole pictures created at the same time. Imagine a Ferris wheel submerged in the water, only one of the cabins emerges from the water at every moment, and the rest sinks below the water surface. The Ferris wheel is constantly rotating, and the car body is quickly turned to the water in turn. For observers on the shore, only one car body can always be seen. Because it is too similar, it will be considered that the same object is stable. exist. If the observer moves his own angle, point of view, and scope of vision, it will form an illusion that the object is moving. Now, the observer is the consciousness behind our world, and the body of the Ferris wheel is our world. The world is an overall picture, which is delusional as having space, time, and stable matter in constant refresh. Reading the pictures in a certain order creates an illusion of time and space, similar to the way a film is played at a speed of 24 frames per second, forming a dynamic movie, which is an illusion. We divide the world into my body and the rest of the environment. This creates a confrontation between me and the world. We keep ourselves out of the world, intentionally or not.

Some people in the comments said that the transmission of information cannot exceed the speed of light in Guangxiang, which refers to information on the scale of the material world, which is only “effective information” in our material world, and is a shortened version of real information, you can see it as” “Dehydrated version” is the disguise and distortion of real information, manifested in material form, limited by the medium of transmission, and of course can only be transmitted at the speed of the material world. In the material world, light is the fastest transmitting medium, so, strictly speaking, the information transmission in the material world cannot exceed the speed of light. For example, the quantum entanglement effect, whose speed is much faster than the speed of light, cannot transmit “effective information” of our material world, because our information density is limited to matter. The real information of the universe is much denser than the material world. But what can be manifested in the material world is only “things” that slow down below the speed of light. This dehydrated version of things is called “matter” in our material world. Matter is light, or energy, formed by slowing down again. Velocity is just the relative velocity between created things. Its size is only related to the observer’s frame of reference. Time does not exist, for the observer or creator, the created thing is created at the same time. Light is stationary to light. Time is zero, distance is zero. So what is the nature of the time change and velocity that we experience, the movement? It can only be an effect caused by the observer himself constantly changing his perspective, changing the starting point of viewing, perspective angle, and horizon range. The observer does not refer to the body. The observer is experiencing this “vast now”, “here and now” in slow motion. Light forms the frame and stage of our physical world, and everything on the stage. However, in other worlds, it does not necessarily operate in the form of energy, consciousness, light, and matter. Our physical nature is also light. There is a deeper inner self within us, which is equivalent to a “frame”, which is a “projector” of energy into our plane, equivalent to breaking down energy into observable energy in our three-dimensional world.

  1. Explanation of physical quantities, the laws of physics remain unchanged in different reference frames. Our observations of the material world create space and time, as well as matter. This creation is happening all the time. On the scale of our material world, space and time are created by us piece by piece. This is only understood in terms of “valid information” of our physical world. You can imagine a sphere in our three-dimensional space, which is the overlap of countless three-dimensional spheres, and each sphere is a copy, so we get a four-dimensional sphere, so that each point on the sphere is actually the coincidence of countless points. Matter and motion in our three-dimensional space can be seen as projections and distortions of “real” matter and motion in four dimensions. We are looking at the sphere with the sphere, and what we get is only the result of distortion, which is a kind of camouflage. This is a serious question, directly related to the nature of “time, space, mass, and force”, all physical quantities are the three-dimensional interpretation of this twisting motion! The reason why the various physical theories cannot be unified is that the distorted observations cannot be unified, but in other dimensions, they are unified. The laws of physics are invariant in different reference frames! Because it’s just a projection of the same law in three dimensions, it’s all the same, though it has all kinds of distortions. The speed of light is constant in different inertial systems! Because it is the reason we observe (create) matter. This is the main content of the theory of relativity. All physical quantities are defined by us, and can only be camouflaged in the three-dimensional world. To measure with this defined camouflage, we can only get distorted results and camouflage. Such measurements are bound to fail to unify without adding consciousness to the physical formula. Take, for example, the classic fall of an apple, which Newton believed was pulled to the ground by gravity. Einstein believed that the mass of the earth bends the surrounding four-dimensional space-time, and the apple moves according to the four-dimensional space-time geodesic. The projection of this movement in the three-dimensional space is the movement of the apple falling from the tree. Let me be arrogant, according to me, none of the above is true. The real explanation is very contrary to common sense: it is not that the apple is moving, but the observer is doing the Lorenz transformation relative to the observed object, which further subverts the statement that the observer is constantly changing the space-time coordinates, completing the apple from the tree. The process of landing. In other words, the observer, creating a “picture” of the apple and its environment piece by piece, completes the entire process of the apple from the tree to the ground. The effect of this process in the three-dimensional world is “the apple falls from the tree”.

7. Our essence is good, I’m going to drive again, although this may provoke more opposition and mutate the overall style of this article. Everything is fixed there, and the observer is constantly changing the coordinates, angle, focus, perspective ratio, etc. of the observation. The superimposed effect, the so-called change and movement, is the presentation of this effect. The observer is watching the same “fixed current” with different “speeds, viewing angles, and starting points”. This fixed “present”, “the vast present”, does not exist in the form of matter, but is presented to us in the form of matter. That is to say, we are constantly changing our reference frame of time, space, and matter. The observer creates the “overall picture” of time, space and matter piece by piece. The effect of this continuous creation in the three-dimensional world is our space-time movement. Past, present and future exist “simultaneously”, there is no time, only events. If someone can take this statement seriously, not because it violates common sense, I think it may be possible to uncover the essence of our world. Our essence is what we think we are. What I’m trying to say, if you can accept it, is this: We see everything in terms of body and consciousness, consciousness forms body and matter, consciousness is our tool, but we are not consciousness. We are what lies behind consciousness, we are the background of the universe, the universe exists because of us, and life is dark matter. We are not matter, we “create” matter, we are not consciousness, we perceive consciousness. In general relativity, the so-called curvature of three-dimensional space, that is, negative curvature, is just a nesting of hyperboloids. It is not matter that causes the curvature of three-dimensional space, but matter radiates light waves to form a sphere. The spherical surface is observed, so a negative curvature is formed, that is, the so-called curvature of three-dimensional space, a saddle-shaped space distortion.

8. An interesting question, involving the nature of the world, let me raise an interesting question to broaden my mind. Can you divide energy? Or go deeper, can consciousness be divided? Is our world continuous? Or discrete? In essence, any question about the world can touch the essence of the world in a sense. If light waves were indivisible, then the energy carried by light would be infinite, which is true, but! In our three-dimensional world, the reality is that light is divided into photons, the size of which is equal to the frequency of the light multiplied by Planck’s constant. Note that this is the projection effect after deceleration and dimensionality reduction. But in reality, can energy really be divided? Interesting isn’t it? Also, don’t you think Planck’s constant is weird? It essentially represents how often our world refreshes. Don’t ask why, ask is poor, you can only limit the speed, and the highest refresh is to this level. Similarly, cognition can only be limited to this level. On the macro scale, the matter we observe is actually an effect formed by the overlapping of shadows one after another! The former shadow and the latter shadow are not the same! This is a steady state. But on the microscopic scale, the microscopic particles may fall in the middle of the two refreshes, so there is the uncertainty principle. Time and space are being refreshed and created, you know what that means? Most people may not know, so there are so many people who only laugh at others, but after all, some people will understand. Force is a geometric effect based on the projection of light quanta. Hahaha, two dark clouds can be unified. If you don’t understand this sentence, I advise you not to slap me, it will be very embarrassing. Abandoning the classical space-time in quantum mechanics and unifying into a model that sees matter and space-time as one. Note that the observation instrument and the observed object should be considered together, the world is regarded as a whole, and the consciousness behind the world is regarded as the only observer. The consciousness here is not body consciousness, but the background behind the world. The world we observe is always discrete, and any phenomenon we observe is quantized, and what highlights the quantum is precisely the gap between the quantum, where we lose the information that makes it continuous. This loss of information stems from the fact that our means of observation are limited to matter. Imagine a piece of white paper with a few black dots protruding from it, but it is the blank part of the white paper that makes the black dots appear. The black dot is the quantum we observe, or any matter, or phenomenon, which is the valid information we observe, which is limited. The blank paper is the whole of the world, and the blank part is the information that we cannot observe. Master, can you speak human words? “Everything is born from existence, and existence is born from non-existence”, um, Zhihu boss, this is the only sentence in this article that is beyond the outline, can you delete it? I also have a literary definition of matter: matter is the freedom of separation, subject to the unity of the whole. Being born out of nothing is a very profound language. It can be manifested at any level. If we regard our country and nation as a whole, then the stars, celebrities, and various high-end people we see on the news can be regarded as “there”, and they are just “parts” that stand out from this whole , is the separation under unity. The real foundation is indeed those ordinary people at the bottom. If you can recognize this, you can also appreciate the greatness of the teacher. Why did he say, “Long live the people,” is not a slogan, but a broad mind and a high level of cognition. in the practice of real ideals. I have known the universe, but I still pity the greenery. I love this country, I love this nation, and I love the most common people. Each of us is ordinary and unique, and we all become “yes” because of our own uniqueness, but we must always remember that we come from “nothingness”, and don’t think of ourselves as higher, bigger and stronger than others at any time, because No matter how high your status, how knowledgeable you are, or how large your fans are, what supports you is always the low places below the “high”, the blanks outside the “yes”, and the “nothings” that are not revealed. That is our foundation, that is the source of our nation’s confidence, that is the real support for our country to be strong. Totally off topic. I found a video similar to “If it stands out, it’s a part, if it doesn’t stand out, it’s the whole”. Those who are interested can feel it.


The core points of my statement are as follows: 1. Matter can be created and observed only below the speed of light. Matter is the superposition of light and light. Light itself is the medium. In order for energy to be constructed into matter, it must operate under the properties of matter. Matter carries energy, but it cannot be said that matter is energy. 2. The laws of physics are invariant in different reference frames. Because they are in the “quantity field” of the same universe, this quantity field can be regarded as a restraining mechanism for energy, and represents the basic structure of this universe. 3. Light is our observation of energy at the physical level. The constant speed of light is relatively constant, that is, the speed of light remains constant under the current effective observation scale, no matter how the inertial reference frame changes. That is to say, at the level beyond matter, its speed can exceed the speed of light, and it does not use light as its observation effect, which cannot be observed at the material level. 4. No matter time, space, or matter, they only appear on a relative level. That is, for a certain reference point, space-time and matter appear relatively. And from the absolute level, or the overall level, time is still, space is zero, and matter does not exist. 5. My definition of matter is: matter is a quantity field that can interact with other matter. Behind it carries energy and consciousness in turn, and acts as a separate space-time reference frame to incorporate all the rest of the matter. In this way, the wave-particle duality of particles can be easily explained. Only when there is a reference frame of matter, it appears in the form of particles, and when there is no reference frame, it exists in the form of waves, or in other words, it does not exist in the form of matter. 6. Quantum is just an observational effect. The reason why light appears one by one in the form of photons is that our observational scale is limited below matter, and “effective information” can only reach the scale of the speed of light. There is information between the light quantum and the light quantum, but this intermediate information cannot be observed by our material means. The loss of a large amount of intermediate information has caused quantum effects, so our universe is discrete under the relative observation scale, and continuous under the absolute observation scale. In other words, in the absence of a reference frame, Schrödinger’s cat does exist at the same time with all possible probabilities, or it can be considered non-existent. These two sentences are equivalent. When the observer appears, a unique “dehydrated” space-time version is “created” with this reference frame, and this version is only valid for the observer taken. This is just a relative version of insufficiently informative observations. Quantum phenomena are ubiquitous in our physical universe. A cell can be regarded as a quantum, which naturally contains “all the information” that can form a complete body. Mathematics is a natural tool of physics, and we can understand quantum from a mathematical point of view. If the natural numbers are regarded as quantum, then between 1 and 2, more information, even infinite information, is hidden in the form of irrational numbers. Between 1.1 and 1.2 there is also an infinite amount of information hidden. Then we can think of natural numbers as the “dehydrated version” of all numbers, but this dehydrated version naturally contains “the possibility of all numbers”. This analogy can also be used in the relationship between matter and energy. Any part is the projection of the whole, and naturally contains infinite and “all possibilities”. One is all, all is one. Quantum is the whole. Relative is all. I am very satisfied with the sentence I came up with, haha, shit. 7. The uncertainty principle is only because all valid information cannot be obtained. For any two observers, the particle can be considered as different space-time coordinates, or rather, not the same particle. 8. All forces in physics are only the observed effects under the scale of Planck’s constant. Force does not exist, it is a projection effect. We are losing much more useful information than matter is only 4.9% of the universe. With the development of observational methods, this number will continue to decline. Our universe is a huge “field”, and its “behind” carries energy. The material universe is not an isolated system. Energy is “leaving out” and “entering” all the time. The law of entropy increase does not hold. Any matter is such a small “field”, and a small amount of energy is charged into the “template” to form the matter, forming a “steady state” effect that changes all the time. 9. Our cosmic “field” has a basic underlying structure and root assumptions, so the laws of physics do not change with the frame of reference. Energy spirals and circulates in a grand structure beyond the scope of the universe. This has caused our universe to spiral in circular motion, from galaxies to the smallest particles. Including our most basic life structure DNA. We know that the orbits of planets are elliptical, with the sun at one of its foci. This phenomenon can be well understood by taking the plane projection of the trajectories of the spiral motion of the planets. You can think of the projection of this vast energy movement into our physical universe as a circle that unfolds into a sine wave. Our physical cosmic plane is nothing but a point on the circumference. This point is what we call “quantum”. The universe is a quantum, and the moment when energy comes out and in creates the effect of quantum. From the scale of the universe to the scale of particles, it shows quantum effects. Large-scale matter is hidden under the “flowing stillness” that changes instantaneously, presenting an illusion of “steady state” and “fixation”. So-called black holes are simply places where energy seeps out of the physical universe. The world we observe is always discrete, and any phenomenon we observe is quantized, and what highlights the quantum is precisely the gap between the quantum, where we lose the information that makes it continuous. This loss of information stems from the fact that our means of observation are limited to matter. Let me be artistic, consciousness is like a seed, which forms the “template” of matter, and energy is like roots, branches and leaves, leaking out layer by layer, supporting behind the matter, and finally blooming a splendid flower of matter. This definition, from the largest scale to the smallest scale, applies to all. Each scale is a multi-dimensional, multi-angle “gestalt”. The energy that travels through the “field” of our physical universe is not fully materialized, only a small part of it makes up matter, with more energy behind it. For the same reason, this energy carries more consciousness that has not been energized. It is possible for quantum theory and relativity to be unified.