Do guys know what girls need most?

Love is the most unforgettable time in college, but we don’t understand love. There are not so many ifs in the world, sometimes what we lose in a moment is eternity. So, improve yourself and don’t leave any regrets for love.


  1. Clean. Hair, beard, clothes… etc., take care of them when you go out. No girl can stand a sloppy guy. Ugly can be saved, but laziness has no cure.
Emma Watson


  1. Be motivated. The most unbearable thing for a girl is not being motivated. Boys who have no desires and requirements for their own lives are not successful. No girl likes a guy who doesn’t want to be aggressive.
  2. Be considerate and attentive. Being considerate and attentive is the performance of keeping the other person in mind. Why do girls who are menstruating get angry easily, that’s because you don’t come to greet them when they need love the most, she doesn’t give you anything…
  3. Be patient. All girls will act coquettishly in front of the ones they like to prove that you care about her very much. If you walk away easily, then she naturally wants to complain to her best friend Lan Yan. It’s been a lot of pain with Lan Yan, and I’ll have nothing to do with you.

Get along

  1. A sense of security. The most important thing for girls is a sense of security. Suspiciousness means insecurity, over-reliance means seeking security, and acting like a spoiled child is proof of security. So, before you think a girl is making trouble without reason, ask yourself: Do you give her a sense of security?
  2. Presence. Let the girl know that she exists in your life. If you want her, tell her quickly and let her get in touch with your life more, otherwise how will she know that you care about her. How can she love you if she doesn’t even care about you?
  3. To accompany. Girls are the creatures most afraid of being alone. Often act collectively with girlfriends, often gossip, is to refuse loneliness. So remember a rule: don’t leave her alone, you won’t let her think wildly, and there will be no blue face.
  4. Don’t be perfunctory. If you are wrong, you must admit it, and if you are right, you must admit it. But why do you get a sentence after you admit it, “Do you think it’s okay to admit a mistake?” Because you are perfunctory. Don’t be in a hurry to deny me, ask yourself: Before admitting mistakes, do you know where the mistakes are, did you say how to correct them, did you say how you should be punished?
  5. Be proactive. Girls want boys to take the initiative. Cross the road and take her hand, don’t wait for others to come together, okay; if a girl doesn’t know where to eat, you can give some advice.
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  1. Little surprise. Everyone knows that life is more of a bland, but that’s not a reason to be without any surprises. A sudden flower, a little romance, will let the girl know that you have always put her in your heart.
  2. Be respected. If she gives you advice with good intentions, don’t give her “you don’t understand”; if a girl expresses objection, don’t force her to accompany you to do it; if she needs help, you can say busy, but when she says busy Please don’t say “Why don’t you come when someone invites us to dinner, how important are you, and they are not more busy than you?”