Pearl Harbor was directed and acted by the United States? Impossible, Japan will not accept American directors

For a long time, it has been said that the Pearl Harbor incident was a flaw deliberately sold by the United States, allowing the Japanese sneak attack to succeed! In this way, the United States can justifiably enter the war!

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Here, I want to persuade those who talk about conspiracy theories to wash and sleep! This article will severely overturn the claim that Pearl Harbor is a conspiracy theory.

Those who say Pearl Harbor is a conspiracy theory are based roughly on two reasons:

  1. Roosevelt wanted to go to war, but the people at home opposed it. So Roosevelt needed a very good reason to go to war. Therefore, sending thousands of soldiers from Pearl Harbor to death can fully arouse the emotions of the domestic people and make them support the war.
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Second, the second reasoning is relatively less known. The reasoning is: as the most important warship in naval warfare, none of the three aircraft carriers are at Pearl Harbor! This is so strange, isn’t it? Where is it so coincidental?

Let’s start with the first reasoning! To join the war is simply not too simple, there is no need to find a reason at all. For example: directly do the Japanese first, and then tell the domestic that it is the Japanese who do it first. What can the people of the country do? At that time, there was no Baidu, no Google, they could know a P, didn’t they obediently let politicians lie?

Think about it, everyone, when the ruler of a country wants to start a war, when can he be blocked by the opinions of the people? Think about it, everyone, the right to speak, the right to rule, and the power of force are all in the hands of the ruler, and the ruler wants to make a decision, and the opposition of the people is invalid.

Of course, after all, people need to pay taxes, work as coolies, and be cannon fodder, so appeasement is necessary, and deception is certain.

Therefore, it is absolutely unnecessary to say that Roosevelt made the entire Pearl Harbor fleet as cannon fodder and staged a bitter game in order to participate in the war.

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Moreover, if Roosevelt did this, the course of events was beyond his control, and the consequences were not what he was willing to suffer.

At that time, the United States had not yet launched a war machine, and the collapse of the Pacific Fleet made it extremely passive in the Pacific battlefield and Southeast Asia. Even its army in the Philippines was defeated by Japan, nearly 15,000 American soldiers were captured, and then carried out the extremely tragic Bataan Death March, and almost half of the 15,000 American soldiers died tragically at the hands of the Japanese. Moreover, at this time, the interests of the United States in Southeast Asia have basically been grasped by Japan.

Although it was unwise for Japan to drag the United States into the water, the consequences of the failure of the United States at Pearl Harbor were extremely serious and uncontrollable.

Therefore, it is absolutely impossible for Roosevelt to use the Pacific Fleet as cannon fodder in order to participate in the war.

After talking about the first reasoning, let’s talk about the second one: why are the three US aircraft carriers just not in Pearl Harbor?

This sentence, ask Japan and ask the United States, the answer is the same: how do I know it will be so coincidental!

Everyone cares so much about whether the aircraft carrier is sinking or not, because they think that the aircraft carrier has a strong combat capability, so it plays a prominent role and is of great significance.

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But at that time, the world’s thinking about naval warfare was still stuck in the era of cannons and giant ships. At that time, all countries believed that a battleship equipped with a large number of artillery was the absolute main force of a fleet.

So, look at the Japanese, take the battleship Yamato as a symbol of the Japanese navy.

In addition, everyone can clearly see in the movie “Pearl Harbor” that a Japanese pilot took out a piece of paper with the label: USS Arizona. This shows that in the eyes of the Japanese, battleships are the most important targets for their sneak attacks. aircraft carrier? Run, run!

(This movie is very realistic, the big scenes are in line with history, and of course there is individual heroism in the small plots. Therefore, the description of history in this movie is credible)

In fact, not only the Japanese’s thinking stays in the era of large ships and artillery, but also the United States. Even the whole world thinks like this.

For example, the Washington Naval Treaty stipulates that the tonnage of capital ships (battleships) of each signatory country cannot exceed the level specified in this article: United States, 525,000 tons (533,400 metric tons); British Empire, 525,000 tons (533,400 metric tons); France, 175,000 tons (177,800 tons) metric tons); Italy, 175,000 tons (177,800 metric tons); Japan, 315,000 tons (320,040 metric tons).

The tonnage of aircraft carriers of each signatory country shall not exceed the following standards: United States, 135,000 tons (137,160 metric tons); United Kingdom, 135,000 tons (137,160 metric tons); France, 60,000 tons (60,960 metric tons); Italy, 60,000 tons (60,960 metric tons); Japan, 81,000 tons (82,296 metric tons).

It can be seen from the above data that the pursuit of battleships by various countries far exceeds that of aircraft carriers. As the main battleship, the battleship is the consensus of all countries.

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If you pay attention to some details, you will know: The hull number of the US aircraft carrier in World War II starts with CV. The two letters CV are actually the abbreviation of English Cruiser Voler, which is the abbreviation of “aviation cruiser”.

This name fully illustrates the status of the aircraft carrier in the heart of the US military. Because the mission of the cruiser is to patrol, reconnaissance and guard the main fleet. The aviation cruiser, as the name suggests, is a cruiser with an aircraft, through which the functions of patrol, reconnaissance and alert can be realized.

And of the three aircraft carriers of the US Pacific Fleet, two of which were converted from battleships, namely: USS Lexington and USS Saratoga. The other “Enterprise” aircraft carrier is normally installed.

Therefore, in the hearts of the US military, the status of battleships is higher than that of aircraft carriers. If the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was a conspiracy, they should have taken some of the battleships away.

Actually, no! At that time, all nine battleships were in port, and a total of five were badly damaged or sunk. The United States spent more than a year and painstakingly salvaging these scrap irons and repairing them, which shows the status of battleships in their hearts.

And the three aircraft carriers just happened to be not in the port. It can only be said that the United States really did not intend to.

On the eve of the outbreak of the Pacific War, Japan jumped up and down like a mad dog. Americans are not idiots, of course they can find some clues.

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In other words, even if the Americans do not want to fight Japan, they have to prevent Japan from attacking themselves.

Therefore, on the eve of the outbreak of the war, they made some military arrangements.

And it was precisely the three aircraft carriers that left Pearl Harbor who carried out these military arrangements.

With the deployment of the U.S. military at that time, the three aircraft carriers were to carry out the tasks of transporting aircraft to the periphery, and by the way, patrol and guard the surrounding waters.

In fact, the actions of the three aircraft carriers at that time just verified this view.

At the time of Pearl Harbor, the Lexington was on a mission to transport a fleet of fighter jets to Midway. Some people may say that it would be easier for a fighter jet to fly directly over it? Brother, Pearl Harbor is about 2,200 kilometers from Midway. Can propeller planes in World War II fly that far?

So, you see, the dirty work is tiring and the aircraft carrier is doing it.

At this time, the people on the Lexington learned that Pearl Harbor had been taken, and they were scared to death. Immediately sent a reconnaissance plane to search for the traces of the Japanese fleet, and then found the aircraft carrier Enterprise and returned to Hong Kong together.

Note that the carrier-based aircraft on the Lexington are capable of combat, but in the event of an emergency, the first thing people on the aircraft carrier think of is not fighting, but reconnaissance and running.

So, at that time, the Lexington had its own military plan, not to hide the little devils.

The aircraft carrier USS Saratoga, in the port of San Diego. Why are you here? Overhauling!

Pearl Harbor military base on lockdown over 'potential security threat'

The USS Enterprise, in 1941, was constantly traveling between Pearl Harbor and the West Coast of the United States, transporting Army Air Force P-39 “Flying Snake” fighters and P-40 “Tomahawk” fighters, as well as a large number of troops ,arms. Because the little devil moves too much, the U.S. military plans to deploy these troops and weapons to Wake Island, west of Guam, by mid-1942.

Next, came the frightening moment of the USS Enterprise.

Before Pearl Harbor, the last time the Enterprise docked at Pearl Harbor was on November 28, 1941. The mission of the Enterprise at the time was to deliver Marine Corps aviation and fighter jets to Wake Island.

On December 2, the enterprise account said: I am tired!

Therefore, the fighters on the Enterprise could only fly to Wake Island by themselves. The Enterprise, on the other hand, chose to turn around and return to Pearl Harbor. The original plan was to return to Pearl Harbor on December 6. Then, the Enterprise encountered a very violent wind at sea, which threw the people on the Enterprise into doubt. Therefore, they had to postpone their return to Hong Kong.

If they knew what happened next, they would probably thank God for this storm arranged by God.

Because, on December 7, it was the time when Japan launched its attack on Pearl Harbor.

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Where did the enterprise account step on the shit, why is it so lucky!

To sum up, although the three aircraft carriers were arranged to leave Pearl Harbor, they were not premeditated to avoid a possible Japanese attack.

On the contrary, the missions of the Lexington and Enterprise were very dangerous. If the Americans want to keep the aircraft carrier, it is impossible to make such an arrangement.

Because the Lexington was going to Midway and the Enterprise was going to Wake Island. Both islands are located between mainland Japan and Pearl Harbor.

At this time, the Lexington and the Enterprise are carrying out missions in this direction, and it is very likely that they will encounter the huge Japanese fleet! Once they encounter the Japanese fleet, it will be very difficult to quickly throw them into battle in the state they were carrying out at that time, and it will be very dangerous.

Therefore, if the United States really uses Pearl Harbor as cannon fodder and transfers the aircraft carrier away, it should also transfer the aircraft carrier to a safer homeland of the United States.

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Now we have this argument because we feel that the aircraft carrier is the most valuable military target. And all three aircraft carriers survived, so it felt like a conspiracy.

As I said before, everyone thought that the battleship was the most important target. Therefore, Japan was complacent after sinking or severely damaged many battleships, and did not feel a pity for missing an aircraft carrier.

The value of the aircraft carrier is precisely because after Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, the United States had to use the aircraft carrier as the main force of the fleet to start the battle with Japan.

With the progress of the Pacific Ocean War, it was found that in the vast sea, the role of reconnaissance capabilities, mobility, firepower, aircraft carriers and their carrier-based aircraft are far from comparable to battleships.

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Therefore, before the outbreak of the Pacific War, the Americans did not realize that the role of aircraft carriers was greater than that of battleships. Therefore, it is impossible for them to transfer the aircraft carrier to Japan in order to avoid the “long-known” sneak attack.

Therefore, World War II is unavoidable, and the sneak attack cannot be prevented for the United States. The United States has not made any arrangements for the Japanese sneak attack because they did not know it in advance. It’s just a coincidence that the aircraft carrier is not in port. Japan has not made the three U.S. aircraft carriers a primary target. Therefore, the aircraft carrier is not in the port, and it is also called.

Finally came to the conclusion: Pearl Harbor was definitely not a conspiracy.