What is the main attraction between men and women, do you know?

From ancient times to the present, the opposite sex itself attracts each other, because what we know is the coordination of yin and yang of heaven and earth, and men and women are the same. Since the creation of human beings by Nuwa, the lover’s eyes show Xi Shi, this sentence is right, we need to know What’s more, the images of Snow White in the hearts of men and Prince Charming in women’s hearts can be said to be varied, so that people will not break out fierce battles between lovers. Because two people in love are very attractive, there is no doubt about this. We know that the charm of love lies in attracting and infecting each other, and only then will the spark of love come out.

Love — Robert J. Sternberg

In addition, we also know that there are many aspects of mutual attraction between men and women, what is love at first sight, what is special liking, there are many places of attraction, but the most important one is physical attraction, of course, this also depends on Concepts and beliefs and various characteristics of both parties, but upon investigation we were able to find that physical attraction was the most important factor.

Since ancient times, women have mainly attracted men by their looks and body! And what about men? In ancient times, talent and ability were the main attraction for women, but today, money and looks are the main attraction! I believe that many people will have a common point of view and a common understanding, because love and attraction are two different things. What we know is that radishes and vegetables each have their own love, and attraction is endless. Because we can attract each other, we can have better It should be understandable for those who want to pursue the future.

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In fact, there are many reasons for this, more of which are the same cognition, the same three views, and the other person has something worthy of their appreciation and admiration. The most important thing in getting to know each other is to be able to talk. It is only because of fate that we can be attractive, looks and talents are different in every aspect, but what we know is that only those who love each other can feel the real strong love and care for each other, because we know that The love is deep, is the feeling of each other’s heart.

Because the people who love each other and the people who see each other are very attractive together, because we know that the people who really love each other are congenial, can really come from the inner feelings, the kind of impulse that comes from the heart, the kind of Deep love, that intense feeling. When you truly understand what love is, when you understand what true love is, then it’s time for the fruits of love to bear fruit, what do you think?