The first batch of US military support materials arrives in Ukraine

The U.S. embassy in Ukraine said the first shipment of about 90 metric tons of military supplies had arrived in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev. The U.S. embassy in Kiev posted a photo of the supplies on social media, stating that this shipment of military aid, including ammunition for the front-line defense forces, shows the U.S. side’s firm commitment to Ukraine’s right to self-defense, and will continue to provide similar support. Ukraine is protected from Russian aggression. The supplies arrived hours after the U.S. and Russian foreign ministers’ talks ended on Friday, and Ukrainian Defense Minister Reznikov thanked the U.S. side. U.S. President Joe Biden approved a $200 million security assistance package for Ukraine in December last year. Secretary of State Blinken visited Kiev earlier and warned that Washington would respond strongly if Russia invaded Ukraine. Moscow has repeatedly denied plans to attack or invade Ukraine.

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Germany refuses to provide weapons to Ukraine

Estonia had earlier asked Germany to hand over German-made howitzers to Ukraine, and reports said the German government had rejected the request. Prime Minister Scholz said that he refused to provide military assistance to Ukraine, stressing that no weapons will be provided to the conflict zone. Defense Minister Lambrecht said that Germany and Ukraine will spend 5.3 million euros next month to build a field hospital there and provide the necessary training. She said that every effort should be made to de-escalate tensions at the moment, and that sending weapons to the area would not help to cool down, but would not criticize other countries that were prepared to do so.

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