The ‘end’ of the pandemic does not mean the end of the epidemic The real meaning of Endemic

Today, even as Omicron rages around the world, causing thousands of infections everywhere, more and more scientists believe that the new crown pneumonia epidemic will end, and the global pandemic that has plagued the world for two years is expected to end.

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However, this does not mean the “end” of the epidemic or the disappearance of the virus.

In English, when scientists say the end of the epidemic, it refers to the end of the global pandemic (Pandemic), replaced by endemic (Endemic). The so-called endemic or endemic disease refers to the disease still roaming around, infecting and causing death. Like tuberculosis and AIDS, it infects millions or even hundreds of millions of people in some areas every year, but at least it will not spread to a global epidemic, and it is largely controllable and treatable.

Have you heard the buzz about the new malaria prevention drugs?

Malaria is an example of a classic endemic disease that infects over 100 million people and kills over 500,000 people each year. The outbreak is concentrated in sub-Saharan and several parts of Africa.