The sports and exercise crowd continues to expand, and the fascia gun industry will develop rapidly after 2022

The fascia gun is a soft tissue rehabilitation tool, also known as a deep myofascial impact instrument. It mainly relaxes the soft tissues of the body through high-frequency impact. The fascia gun is a product imported from abroad, but it is not a new species in China. Before 2019, the fascia gun was relatively small and was mainly used in professional sports teams, gyms and other scenarios. The market demand came from professional athletes and fitness enthusiast. In 2019, fascia gun products have been popularized among ordinary groups through marketing and promotion, and the industry has developed rapidly.​​

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According to the “2022-2026 China Fascia Gun Industry Market In-depth Research and Development Trend Forecast Research Report” released by the Xinsijie Industry Research Center, benefiting from the support of my country’s policies for sports and the encouragement of domestic residents to exercise and fitness, my country is engaged in The group for physical activity is growing, reaching around 400 million people in 2019. With the increase in the number of people exercising, due to factors such as improper operation and excessive exercise, the number of patients with sports injuries has risen, and it is expected to reach 54 million by 2025. The continuous increase in the number of people doing sports has laid the foundation for the development of the fascia gun industry, and the industry has a good development prospect.​​

The market demand for fascia guns mainly comes from sports enthusiasts and professional athletes, and the consumer groups are concentrated in the post-00s and post-90s. The new generation of young people are more receptive to new things, and in terms of fitness, they are more dependent on equipment, so the market demand for fascia guns is rising rapidly. Since the second half of 2019, due to the marketing of fascia guns on domestic online platforms, consumers’ awareness of fascia guns has increased, and domestic sales of fascia guns have continued to grow, reaching more than 150,000 in 2019, and will be affected by the epidemic in 2020. , Domestic residents pay more attention to health, and in the case of staying at home for a long time, residents’ enthusiasm for sports and fitness has increased significantly, driving the sales of fascia guns to grow rapidly. In 2020, domestic sales of fascia guns will reach 1.5 million. Benefiting from the continuous penetration of home fitness, the market demand for fascia guns has shown an increasing trend. In the first half of 2021, the domestic sales of fascia guns will reach 1.2 million.​​

The rapid development of the fascia gun industry has also attracted many companies to deploy, but the domestic market is still occupied by foreign companies, such as Theragun, Raynigel, HYPERICE, Casada, SKG, Tezewa, etc. However, with the layout of enterprises such as Keep, Mijia MIJIA, and the rise of emerging brands such as Merrick, Wild Beast, Yunkangbao, Yunmai, and Pineapple Jun, a situation of coexistence of domestic and foreign brands has formed, and the market has not yet formed a leading pattern. .

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According to industry analysts from Xinsijie, fascia guns are mainly used in the field of sports rehabilitation. In recent years, with the growth of exercise users and the effective marketing of fascia guns, the market demand for fascia guns has continued to rise, and the industry has developed rapidly. At present, the sales of fascia guns in my country are showing a rapid growth trend, and the industry has good development prospects. It has attracted many enterprises to deploy, and the market competition is fierce, but it has not yet formed a leading pattern, and new entrants still have great opportunities for development in the future.