Are flat feet genetic? How much do you know about it?

The foot is one of the key parts that we rely on for walking and sports. Foot diseases can cause us to be unable to walk in a healthy way, which will seriously affect our colorful life. Among them, flat feet trouble many patients. So, what is flat foot, can flat foot be cured?

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Flat feet, as the name suggests, means that the arch of the foot is flat, and the patient’s foot does not have the arc height that a normal arch should have. The foot is valgus and the inside collapses, showing a figure-out shape, and the contact area between the foot and the ground increases significantly.

Flat feet are mainly caused by congenital heredity, foot trauma or chronic strain. Most patients with flat feet have a clear family history, and chronic strain caused by foot trauma or excessive foot load is also one of the causes of flat feet.

Can flat feet be treated? This is everyone’s top priority. Most patients with flat feet have no obvious symptoms, especially young patients. They are only discovered during the physical examination, so they usually don’t pay much attention to them, and they have little impact on daily life.

How to Fix Flat Feet

If there are some symptoms of foot discomfort, the patient needs to wear a flat foot insole or flat foot orthopedic shoes, and the inside of the heel is raised to move the load-bearing line outward to prevent and reduce foot deformity.

Foot treatments and massages are also available. Patients can insist on soaking their feet in warm water every night, and use traditional Chinese medicine to fumigate and massage the muscles of the calves and feet; they can also put some small soft stones in the basin, and use their toes to grasp the feet to move the feet when soaking. muscles; or train the outside foot to land on the ground while walking to improve the pressure on the inside of the foot.

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In more severe cases, surgery is required, and the earlier the correction, the better the effect. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. The importance of feet cannot be underestimated. Care for foot health and take every step of the road to health.