Wordle takes the world by storm! Twitter blocks bots for it, Google designs fun eggs

“Wordle” is a web-based free word puzzle game that allows players to guess 5-letter words 6 times a day. During this period, domestic and foreign players will continue to share their daily results on social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. As Wordle became popular on the Internet, Twitter bots that could leak word puzzles were also developed, as well as funny Easter eggs designed by Google.

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After guessing the daily Wordle word puzzle, foreign players often share their scores on Twitter. However, a bot @wordlinator for Wordle-related tweets exists on the Twitter platform. He will automatically reply to Wordle-related tweets with rude remarks, and may even directly leave a message about the Wordle word puzzle the next day, so that players can’t enjoy the fun of solving puzzles every day.

To this end, the Twitter platform has blocked @wordlinator, and will no longer see replies to Wordle-related tweets. Although Twitter officials did not explain why @wordlinator was blocked. However, in its platform policy, it states that if you send spam messages, harass other users, or otherwise send unsolicited messages to others, it is a violation of platform policies and may lead to account blocking.

Twitter bans bot that spoiled next day's Wordle solutions - Polygon

In addition, the popularity of Wordle on the Internet has also allowed Google Doodle to design fun little eggs for it to have fun with players. When a player searches for “WORDLE” on Google to go to the word puzzle page powerlanguage.co.uk/wordle/, the Google Doodle near the search field will display a 6-letter word puzzle, while the correct answer “GOOGLE” will display Wordle’s unique lettering on a green background.