The gap with Abdul-Jabbar narrowed to 1973 points, and it turned out that the 37-year-old James was still invincible offense

The Lakers ushered in a challenge with the Nets. In this game, Davis ushered in a comeback, while the Nets were led by Harden alone. The progress of the game was uneventful, the Lakers easily defeated the Nets, and James also easily gained 30+ and continued to chase the miracle of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

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In this game, James made 14 of 21 shots and scored 33 points. Except for the flaws in 2 of 8 three-pointers, James’s dominance in the game was no different from his peak. After this game, James’ total score came to 36,414 points, and the gap between the all-time scoring leader Abdul-Jabbar came to 1,973 points, and the gap between second-placed Malone was 514 points. According to this trend, Lao Zhan can be crowned the second scoring champion in NBA history this season.

This season, James is full of firepower on the offensive end, averaging 30 points per game. With Durant injured, James has a good chance to come from behind and win the second scoring title of his career. If it does come true, then he will also As the oldest scoring champion after Jordan at the age of 35, James used his peak performance this season to prove that the 37-year-old is still invincible on the offensive end.

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After the last game, James said he was at the “feeling best offense” stage of his career, and he proved that again today.

Entering the 19th season of his career, I didn’t expect James’ scoring to be more terrifying than his career average (James’ career average of 27 points per game). We can boldly predict that according to the maintenance of James’ own body, it is possible for him to play in the league for another 5 seasons, so it is only a matter of time before he becomes the NBA’s all-time scoring champion, and he will reach 40,000 points + 10,000 rebounds when he retires. +10k assists is also just around the corner.

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Although James also has some flaws, whether it is his fans or his “spots”, we are actually witnessing a legendary journey. Just as it is difficult to see the next Jordan in the future, it is also difficult to see the next James in the future.