Apple New Year’s update: Wearing a mask can finally unlock the iPhone

Apple has prepared a big gift for us: iOS 15.4 Beta with a capacity of 5.4G.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at what has been upgraded.

Wearing a mask can also be face unlocked
After fooling the fans for years, the legendary “unlock with mask” is finally here!

You can open it by going to Settings → Face ID and Password → Face ID with mask on.

Apple will improve Face ID with iOS 15.4 update, here's what to expect -  America News

It is worth mentioning that to open this function, you need to scan the face of the mask, if you do not wear a mask, it is impossible to record.

As long as the face of the mask is recorded, the unlocking efficiency is as fast as the full face.

If we wear an ordinary blue mask recorded, changing the appearance of a different KN95 mask can still be unlocked.

A wave of new Emoji is coming!
This time iOS 15.4 brings a wave of new Emoji (emoji).

The most interesting ones are “pregnant man” and “breastfeeding man”.

Frankly speaking, it is normal for men to breastfeed, but this pregnancy is more or less outrageous ……

We also do not know, we also dare not ask

New high brush support for third party applications
The biggest upgrade for Apple this year, apart from A15, is naturally the ProMotion which supports 10Hz to 120Hz adaptive high speed brushing.

Here's what's new in iOS 15.4 and iPadOS 15.4 - 9to5Mac

Of course, the light hardware support can not be used, we also have to software adaptation.

This, iOS 15.4 for developers to add the ability to call the high brush.

In this way, Apple developers will be able to use the high brush to adapt their own APP.

In addition, this time iOS 15.4 also adds.

PS joystick vibrator function Adaptive vibration for Sony GamePad
Password sharing. Common passwords on iPhone can be used on iPad/Mac.
More APPs can share the same broadcast
Wallet widget
Press SOS 5 times to turn it off by default, Apple thinks it will cause mis-touch, but it is still on by default in India
Fix the password sound adjustment Now the sound is better when changing the password
Shortcut command icons changed
It is worth mentioning that Apple’s financial report was also released at the time of iOS 15.4 Beta release.

For the fourth quarter ended December 25 last year, Apple’s revenue and net profit were both higher than market expectations, with revenue for the quarter.

First iOS 15.4 public beta now available, here's how to update - 9to5Mac

Revenue increased 11% year-over-year to $123.9 billion
Net income increased 25% to $34.6 billion
Notably, iPhone revenue grew 9% year-over-year to $71.63 billion in the quarter, accounting for 58% of revenue.

In particular, Cook emphasized that this sales growth was achieved in the face of supply chain shortages. To put it bluntly, the iPhone could have sold better if not for the supply chain problem.