Microsoft Flight Simulator 2022 Roadmap: Helicopters, Historic Aircraft and Other World Updates

In a recent Q&A session on the development progress update, Microsoft and Asobo Studios released the 2022 roadmap for Microsoft Flight Simulator, which includes the much-anticipated helicopter and other historical models, as well as some other world updates.

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In fact, some people have already brought helicopters to the Microsoft Flight Simulator in the form of mods, but because of the complex physics behind this simulator, the helicopters brought to the simulator by players are very difficult to drive. Since Microsoft Flight Simulator was previously based on fixed-wing aircraft, some players’ helicopters operated in a very straightforward and brutal manner.

For future helicopter additions, Asobo, the studio behind Microsoft Flight Simulator, will first try out more sophisticated flight simulation controls on some of its upcoming aircraft before officially adding helicopters to the game.

The rest of the Q&A session was mostly centered around the upcoming World Updates 7 and 8 for Australia and Iberia respectively. These world updates are basically refinements to the maps of specific areas in Microsoft Flight Simulator, as most of the terrain and building data in the simulator is converted from Microsoft’s Bing maps and may not faithfully reflect the landscape of different areas. Some players, in pursuit of the most realistic VFR experience, or simply to enjoy the higher quality of the terrain, will buy the detailed terrain that can cost thousands of dollars from the in-game market.

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This development update also shows the approximate launch dates of some historical aircraft, including the Southern Cross, the first aircraft to successfully fly across the Pacific Ocean.