12 Ways to Annoy the Swedes

  • Think Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland are the same
Difference between Nordic and Scandinavian countries - Norway, Sweden,  Denmark, Finland, Iceland - YouTube
  • Do not take off their shoes after entering the room
Please Take Off Your Shoes Sign Plaque in 30 Colours & 2 Large Sizes |  Tiger Laser Cutting & Engraving
  • Do not like to drink coffee
diamond painting big size,rhinestones embroidery,coffe decor,decorative  coffee beans|diamond painting|painting diamondsembroidery diamond size -  AliExpress
  • Can’t tell the difference between Sweden and Switzerland
Sweden vs Switzerland - Sharing Sweden
  • I think the Eurovision competition is not worth mentioning
17 Totally Ludicrous Eurovision Song Contest Moments
  • I like to sing the Swedish Chef song
Pöpcørn | Recipes with The Swedish Chef | The Muppets - YouTube
  • Told the person I was talking to that I had a Danish girlfriend
Danish Girl Josefine and a sexy girl – Living in Anglo-America
  • Schedules meetings before 11am if possible
The Do's and Don'ts of Scheduling Meetings | Eddy
  • Ask “How are you? but don’t expect an answer.
Let's play with Nicole. - ♫ How are you? or How old are you? - Song for  kids. (Grade 1)♫ - YouTube
  • Always arrive late
Excuses for Being Late to Work: Tips & Examples | Monster.com
  • Are you afraid of the cold? You’re Swedish!
生活英文|afraid of the cold? 我怕冷的英文其實該這樣說|女人迷Womany
  • You are Swedish, so you must eat herring every day
Surströmming: trying Sweden's stinkiest food - Routes North