How painful is general anesthesia? The first-hand confessions: like “dead” once felt


We all know that patients are usually put under anesthesia during surgery because the pain of surgery is something that few people can endure. Some people say that after anesthesia, their functions are not as good as before, and even their memory has decreased. What is our body going through while under anesthesia?

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How painful is general anesthesia? The first-hand confession: as if “dead” once felt

In August of this year, a patient in Shenzhen had an accident during surgery. Specifically, she woke up suddenly during the operation and saw that her body was being cut one by one.

After the surgery, she had a severe stress disorder. When I looked back at the monitor, I realized that the anesthesiologist had left in the middle of the surgery and the anesthesia was blocked, causing her to wake up in the middle of the surgery without enough medication. In the words of the victim, it was like she had “died” once!

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What does the body go through after a general anesthetic during surgery? After the general anesthesia, all the nerves in the body will be suppressed, the consciousness will be lost, and the pain will not be felt. In fact, after the general anesthesia, the body goes through three main processes.

The first one is induction

After the patient enters the operating room, the doctor first looks at the patient’s physical symptoms and then uses different methods to inject the anesthetic into the body according to the individual’s information, and the patient will fall asleep and become unconscious.

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The second one is maintenance.

The anesthesiologist keeps observing the patient’s symptoms and increases the dosage again if necessary. This process is not complete until the end of the operation.

The third one is awakening

After the surgery is over, the patient needs to wake up as soon as possible, because medicine is poisonous and it is harmful to human health if the patient remains in a dormant state stimulated by medicine. The doctor observes the patient’s condition and then removes the trachea and waits for the patient to wake up.

Why do people wake up during surgery?

First, the patient’s own reasons

If the patient becomes more nervous, he or she will be more likely to develop drug resistance.

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Secondly, misjudgment of the anesthesiologist

If the anesthesiologist does not observe the symptoms carefully, the wrong drug may cause the patient to awaken early, which is a big mistake.

Third, anesthesiologist’s negligence

Due to the anesthesiologist’s mistake, the patient may be under anesthesia and wake up early.

Will the patient become stupid and dumb after the anesthesia?

There is no direct evidence that the patient will become stupid after anesthesia, because anesthetics are also drugs, and the residual problem of the drug will definitely be considered. General anesthetics can be eliminated from the body, so there is no need to worry about this problem. Fear of anesthetics will be used indiscriminately, used in a crooked way will have a great negative impact.

Is there an anesthetic that makes you dizzy when you shoot?

If the drug is not inhaled or injected, the human body should not suffer the effects of anesthesia. Narcotics also have a very distinctive taste, and criminals can’t use them without a sound.

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Narcotics do not make people stupid, that’s just a rumor, drugs do affect people’s health, as long as they are used properly there is no big problem. The emergence of anesthetics has enabled many people to solve the problem of pain during surgery.