iPhone 14 to be released in September, the main camera upgrade 48 megapixels, the price is the biggest suspense

Apple is now at the top of the market in China, and is a model that many of its competitors should follow, and one that they cannot easily ignore. Although the iPhone 13 is still selling well, the iPhone 14 is still being announced, and this mysterious flagship is surfacing.

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Each new generation of Apple will attract the attention of many fans, iPhone 14 is certainly no exception, so whether it is the hardware stack or software polishing must be treated with the highest specifications. According to the foreign media 9to5mac report, iPhone 14 as soon as September release, the main camera upgrade 48 megapixels, the price is the biggest suspense, we together through the information pool to see.

From the exposure of the suspected initial engineering model, iPhone14 appearance design with the previous generation or there are many similarities, there is no external rumors of the hole-digging screen design, the bangs continue to be used down, only the area has become narrower and smaller, I think Apple does not intend to give up the 3D structured light face unlock, if the end can support 90HZ high refresh rate and with mature gesture operation If the final support for 90HZ high refresh rate and with mature gesture logic, then this screen is also quite “cool”. As for the back, iPhone 14’s camera is still “bathing” raised, in the flat frame of the close fit, to achieve IP68 level of life waterproof and dustproof should not be a problem, I hope that when the time comes more colors for users to choose.

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Performance is the biggest point of interest. People who understand digital should know that the current A15 processor is enough to achieve crushing compared to the Android camp, this Soc is at least two generations ahead of its rivals, in fact, the performance of the A16 need not worry about not enough, but mainly depends on how Apple solves the baseband problem, improve the signal of the iPhone 14, and IOS16 system depth of synergy, what new elements can be brought. It is worth noting that supply chain sources say that Apple intends to enable 35W wired fast charging on the iPhone 14 Pro Max, while the standard version is still 20W power, if this is true, it is also an improvement.

Photo part. According to an analysis report by Guo Mingqi, a well-known analyst at Skywind International, the new iPhone in 2022 will receive a major upgrade in the camera module, in which the 12-megapixel main camera will be replaced by 48-megapixel, bringing a larger aperture, and with the powerful internal core drive and Apple’s computational photography technology, the image performance of iPhone 14 is expected. Of course, iPhone 14 will also support portrait mode, movie mode, especially video recording is the “highlight” of Apple’s future development.

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In summary, Apple is still the very powerful Apple, iPhone14 series in Apple’s leading advantage is obvious, I am afraid it is difficult not to “squeeze toothpaste”, in order to make targeted upgrades on the elements that users value, the price is the biggest suspense, after the price can be conscientious, then the iPhone14 is estimated to be a “true fragrance machine”.