Sleeping body at night “suddenly shaking”, doctors: do not be afraid, do these points

I believe that most people in the night sleep, the body suddenly shaking, this slight feeling will also touch our sleep factor, although not wake up, but because of the shock, the body will suddenly be very uncomfortable, what exactly is the cause of this?

In fact, the sudden shaking of the body during sleep is called “sleeping muscle jerk”, which is a normal physiological phenomenon, such as muscle jumping during sleep, often occurs after falling asleep when nervous or tired. If this symptom occurs frequently, it is necessary to consider whether it is other pathological factors.

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Of course, normal human sleep can be divided into non-REM and REM sleep, and this kind of sudden body shaking during sleep mostly occurs in REM sleep, which is a normal physiological phenomenon that occurs when REM sleep enters dreamland. This is a normal physiological phenomenon that occurs with REM sleep. “Sleep apoplexy” is a kind of unconscious muscle tremor, that is, a sudden shaking of the body just after falling asleep, and may be accompanied by a feeling of stepping or falling.

Therefore, the phenomenon of sudden jerking during sleep is a normal physiological phenomenon during the sleep period when people are in the “rapid eye movement period”, and sudden muscle jerking occurs during the sleep period, mostly during the transition between rapid eye movement sleep and wakefulness, and non-rapid eye movement sleep, often accompanied by clear dreams and hallucinations, and manifested as jerking and shaking during sleep.

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However, if the body shakes during sleep or is accompanied by headaches and dizziness, then you should be alert to the possibility of other diseases and seek medical attention in time for a definitive diagnosis.

If, occasionally, this situation does not require treatment, it is recommended that patients relax and avoid excessive emotional stress, listen to soft music and drink warm milk before bed to help sleep, and avoid doing things that cause nervous excitement.

There are many reasons why the body suddenly shakes when sleeping, the reason for this phenomenon is often related to hiccups, fatigue, tension and other factors. If there are no other accompanying symptoms, calcium supplementation can be administered first to see if it can be controlled.

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If you have sleep or excessive fatigue calcium deficiency can easily cause similar symptoms, you also need to avoid fright, you must keep your mood relaxed, you can choose the medication according to the specific situation, generally use glutamate and vitamins, you can also do acupuncture and massage physiotherapy.

To do the following two things, you can effectively prevent the symptoms of shaking during sleep.

First, before going to bed, you can do appropriate activities to stretch your muscles to relax them.

In addition, you should maintain a regular work and rest schedule, do not overexert yourself.