Toshiba to Expand High Power Wafer Capacity with 12-inch Wafer Fabrication Facility

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation announced on April 4 that it will build a new 12-inch wafer fabrication facility at its main discrete wafer production site in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan (Kaga Toshiba Electronics Corporation) to expand its semiconductor production capacity.

Toshiba said the construction of the 12-inch wafer fabrication facility, which will use 100 percent renewable energy, will be carried out in two phases to optimize the pace of investment based on market trends, with the first phase of production planned to start in fiscal year 2024.

Toshiba said that once the first phase is full, its power semiconductor production capacity will be 2.5 times that of fiscal year 2021.

Power devices are indispensable components for managing and reducing power consumption in various electronic devices and for achieving a carbon-neutral society. Demand is currently expanding due to the electrification of vehicles (electric vehicles) and automation of industrial equipment, and demand for devices such as low-voltage metal oxide semiconductor field-effect transistors (MOSFETs) and insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) is very strong.

To date, Toshiba has increased the capacity of its 8-inch wafer production line and advanced the production line for 12-inch wafer fabrication facilities from the first half of fiscal 2023 to the second half of fiscal 2022 to meet the continued expansion in demand.

Takeshi Kamebuchi, vice president of Toshiba Electronic Components and Storage Devices’ semiconductor division, said that if a chip is likened to a body part, the processor and memory are the brain, and the power management chip plays the heart and muscles.

Nikkei Asian Review reported today that Toshiba is spending about 100 billion yen (US$873 million) to build a power semiconductor wafer fabrication facility, which is expected to start production in March 2025.

According to British research firm Omdia, the global power supply wafer market is expected to reach US$29 billion in 2027, almost double the value in 2020. Renesas Electronics and Toshiba have a 20% and 6% market share in the global power supply IC market respectively.