Why in the end will get diabetes? Do not always blame genetics, blame sugar, 2 reasons worth thinking about

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Nowadays, there are more and more “sugar people”. I believe that for many sugar lovers, the moment they are diagnosed with sugar, they will ask why, why me? After gradually accepting the fact, for people who usually love sugar, they may think that this is the cause, while if they do not like to eat sweet, they may blame the cause on heredity. How does the disease actually come about? Remind everyone not to always blame genetics and sugar eating too much, some other important causes, also do not ignore, the following to talk to you, it is recommended to learn to avoid.

For people who have family members with diabetes, their own chances of being affected are indeed a little higher than others, but this is not a major factor, because there are many people who do not have a family history, but have been affected themselves.

In addition to this factor, people think more likely to be related to eating too much sugar, but is this really the case?

In fact, the two are not equivalent, although its name has sugar, but in fact it is a metabolic problem caused by abnormalities in the body’s pancreatic islet function, not simply eating sugar out. However, although not reciprocal, but long-term intake of too much high sugar, is not conducive to the health of the pancreas, to a certain extent, easy to increase the risk.

For people with a sweet tooth, more attention is not a bad thing, control your mouth, eat less, in addition, also eat less high salt, high fat, high protein food, to help reduce the risk. In addition, it also helps to reduce the impact on other aspects of the body, such as reducing the risk of kidney disease, bone and oral disease.

The following two risk factors for diabetes are also important to take into account.

  1. inflammation

This may seem like a minor problem to many people, and it may even get better slowly without intervention, but if it is chronic, it is important to pay attention to the fact that there are many diseases associated with chronic inflammation, and this disease is one of them.

In Nature Medicine, it was noted that persistent inflammation in the body plays an important role in the development of the disease.

It has also been found that type 2 glucose patients have elevated levels of inflammation in their bodies. This affects the normal function of the pancreas, which in turn affects blood glucose levels. It not only increases the risk of disease onset, but is also a factor in the further development of the disease, and if neglected, complications may come more quickly.

Therefore, learning to prevent and reduce the level of inflammatory factors in the body may reduce the risk to a certain extent, so, what can we do?


If you are not feeling well, you should take the relevant medication scientifically under the guidance of your doctor instead of taking it on your own, especially antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs, which are often taken as one kind of medicine, so you should pay more attention. In the daily diet to eat less prone to inflammation of food, such as heavy salt and oil and sugar, but should always eat some help to resist inflammation of food, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, but also to drink more water.

  1. obesity

This is an independent factor, but also will aggravate the inflammation in the body, increasing the risk.

For many sugar lovers, weight are overweight (of course, this does not mean that thin people will not get), compared with people with fat limbs, waist and abdomen fat people, the risk of disease is relatively higher. Obesity will reduce insulin sensitivity, and many of these people tend to exercise less than usual.

For this factor, good weight control is beneficial to reduce the risk, in fact, there is no shortcut, control mouth, open legs is still the key. We should pay more attention to the correct scientific approach to avoid falling into the wrong area, in addition not to overweight, control within a reasonable range can be, too low weight is not a good thing, especially for the elderly.

In summary, although the disease and genetic and diet-related, but not only these, about the diet, not simply because of too much sugar, the above two factors remind us to pay attention to maintain body weight at a normal level, the inflammatory disease to actively look at and timely intervention, to the body to reduce inflammation, reduce the risk of diabetes, specific how to do, the recommendations given in the article may wish to refer to the following.