Manchester City rallies to beat Fulham 4:1, Marais scores twice in 4 minutes to seal victory

In the 4th round of the English FA Cup, Manchester City hosted Fulham of the English Championship. The “Blue Moon” defended first in the early stages of the match, but recovered the lost ground immediately and scored two goals in a row to overtake them.

City sent out a strong team to fight, led by Chividebouni, and teamed up with Marais, Felcotton and Kiahlich to attack, but unfortunately, they were the first to fall behind.

Liverpool failed to sign Fulham youngster Fabio Carvalho at the last minute of the transfer window. The 19-year-old starlet also played in this game, and Fulham opened the record in 4 minutes when Carvalho hit the net in front of the goal after a ground ball from the right side. The Blue Moon then rallied to tie the game in just 93 seconds, with Gendoujian breaking the net near the 12:00 mark, and then Stones taking a corner kick from Dibny and rising up to break the net.

At the beginning of the changeover, Kiarisch was kicked down in the penalty area, and Marais scored from 12 yards, and then received a cross from Dibny and easily scored 4:1.