Silent version of AirTag was sold on eBay and Etsy, raising questions about its usefulness

A silent version of the AirTag is being sold on eBay and Etsy for $77.50, but not for illegal stalking.

The Silent AirTag is a modified version of the original $29 AirTag that was sold on eBay and Etsy for $77.50. The seller cut a hole under the AirTag’s battery and disconnected the buzzer so it could not make a sound.

Some people think the modified Silent AirTag can be used to track people and question the seller’s intentions. eBay sellers also said before the item was taken down that the Silent AirTag could help track objects by avoiding the attention of thieves. Another seller stated that the decision to modify the AirTag was an unavoidable one, saying that the Silent AirTag could be used on bicycles, pets and power tools to meet the needs of different users. He says his main revenue from Etsy is generated by selling a modified, thin version of the AirTag that fits inconspicuously in his wallet.

In the past, AirTags have been used for stalking purposes, and a female model was charged with stalking after she was followed for hours with an AirTag in January and an investigation found the man had placed the AirTag on his car.

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