Times, Wall Street Journal and other media attacked by the Internet, rumors that the culprit is China

Several media outlets owned by media mogul Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation, including The Times and The Wall Street Journal, have recently been found to be under cyber attack, with preliminary investigations by security firms suggesting a link to Chinese espionage.

The Times reported that the cyberattack had been ongoing for some time, and on Jan. 20 it was discovered that the attack had targeted emails and documents of staff and journalists.

News Corp. chief technology officer David Kline and chief information security officer Billy O’Brien warned that preliminary analysis indicated that foreign governments may have been involved in the attack and that some information had been stolen.

The U.S. cybersecurity firm Mandiant was asked by News Corp. to investigate the cyberattack. Mandiant experts concluded that the attack was linked to China and may have involved “espionage” to gather intelligence and serve Chinese interests.

Kline noted that News Corp. immediately notified U.S. law enforcement authorities after discovering signs of the attack and took the necessary measures to stop the damage, and that its customer and financial databases have not been affected and its business continues to operate normally.

Although most of the group’s emails and documents were not the target of the cyberattack, News Corp.’s internal alert emphasized that “protecting employees and sources, including journalists,” was the group’s primary concern.

The initial findings of the investigation by Madison show that the New York headquarters of News Corporation was affected, as well as a few email accounts and documents of News UK, the New York Post and Dow Jones. Dow Jones publishes financial newspapers such as The Wall Street Journal, while News UK publishes The Times and The Sun.

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