TV panel price bottomed out in February

According to the latest data from market research firm TrendForce, the price of 55-inch TV panels came to US$155 in early February, down 0.9% from late January, while Monitor panel prices were US$88.7, down 1.1%. Analysts expect TV panel prices to bottom out in February, but IT and Monitor panel prices are showing signs of expansion.

TV panel prices have been collapsing since the middle of last year, and the decline has even reached 40% in the past six months. However, after the bottom of TV panel prices, it is expected that the decline will start to be moderated in February, according to Bo Yu Fan, vice president of research at TrendForce, in addition to small-sized TV panels, where demand is gradually stabilizing, the decline will be moderated to less than $1, and the decline of medium and large-sized TV panels will also be moderated to less than $10. It is expected that in February, the price of small-sized TV panels such as 32 and 43-inch panels will stop falling, or fall slightly by $1; while 50 and 55-inch TV panels will shrink to less than $5, and TV panel prices in February will have the opportunity to gradually begin to recoup the decline.

As for the trend of IT and Monitor panels, they are different from TV panels. According to Boyu Fan, IT panel prices are expected to expand as supply continues to expand and the demand side enters the off-season adjustment mode. In terms of NB panels, lower-end HD TN panels fell between $1.8 and $2, while FHD IPS panels fell between $1.4 and $1.6, both slightly larger than the previous month. In the Monitor panel segment, the overall decline was wider than the previous month, with an average drop of around $3.

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