From salted chicken to John Legend, Taiwanese NFT platform OurSong goes global

Taiwan’s new startups are marching toward the global stage, and there is another new force. The NFT platform Oursong recently held a global launch conference to announce its entry into the US market. At the same time, it hired well-known singer John Legend as the chief influencer, hoping to give creators a new opportunity.

NFT plus well-known artists sounds like another routine of “cutting leeks”, but this time it’s different. OurSong, a newly established NFT trading platform in Taiwan, recruited John Legend not to send a wave of NFTs and prepare to harvest and leave, but to invite him to serve as a co-founder and Chief Impact Officer. What is the goal?

“My purpose in joining OurSong is to help singers, songwriters, photographers and various other creators gain new stages.” Oscar, Golden Globe and Emmy winner John Legend said that NFTs can change how creators are seen Ways to expand their understanding of fans, and even have the power to change the structure of the entire music industry.

In fact, singers like John Legend are very aware of the cruel reality of the music industry. There are a lot of talented people around him, but they may not be able to get their own stage for various reasons. NFT allows these amateurs to get rid of the industry. Rules and directly challenge the market with works, this is also the goal of Wu Bocang, the co-founder of OurSong for many years.

“Owning NFTs is like a music fan collecting vinyl records.” Wu Bocang, the lead singer of the Echo Band and co-founder of iNDIEVOX, Street Voice, and OurSong, is not only a creator, but also a software engineer. For the past ten years, he has been working hard to make independent Bands and amateur singers can “make money from their works” without being restricted by contracts, record companies, and unspoken marketing rules.

NFT has given a huge opportunity. OurSong hopes to use the influence of John Legend to attract more amateur content creators, including writers in various forms such as painting, animation, music and video, who can obtain reasonable income by issuing NFT. remuneration.

Unlike large NFT platforms, OurSong hopes to allow users to issue NFTs without buying “coins”, and the process is as simple as posting content on YouTube or Instagram.

OurSong has assisted many amateur creators in Taiwan to “money content”. At the end of last year, Shiyuan Salted Crispy Chicken also joined the ranks of NFTs, which caused a lot of discussion. If you also like independent bands and amateur creation, I hope you can support their creation and collect early works, then NFT might be an option worth trying.

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