The woman who helped hackers launder hundreds of billions of bitcoins wanted to be an investment celebrity, but was arrested by the police

A woman in the United States made videos on TikTok and Instagram to teach people to invest, but it was only after she was arrested by police this week that she learned that her way of getting rich was not simple.

U.S. police were arrested this week by U.S. police. Court documents pointed out that Heather Morgan was suspected of helping hackers launder money, with digital assets estimated to be worth as much as $3.6 billion (about NT$100 billion), flowing into the market through the wallets of Morgan and her boyfriend. Therefore, it violates the money laundering prevention law.

The U.S. Department of Justice pointed out that the incident began in 2016, when hackers attacked the cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex, and then transferred bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to Morgan and her boyfriend’s digital wallet, with as many as 2,000 transactions.

Morgan and her boyfriend, who were not involved in the hacking, are currently facing two charges of fraud and money laundering, ironically speaking of her success on her TikTok and Instagram.

“I don’t rely on connections, I don’t rely on outside funding, and I don’t have a prominent education.” Heather Morgan said in a TikTok video. She built a million-dollar business from scratch, but these videos have now become the target of ridicule by netizens.

As she tries to position herself as an investment influencer, she keeps citing quotes from famous people to inspire readers and encourage others to start businesses. She even wrote a song and made a MV for it, “To all the weirdos who are brave enough to be themselves.”

Although this story seems far away and absurd, it is actually full of such people all around us. Compared with traditional asset investment Internet celebrities, it is actually easier to judge the “big boss of the currency circle”. After all, the blockchain There are public records of transactions that can be queried. Who is raising the price to cut leeks, and you can tell by looking at the transaction time. If newbies want to invest in cryptocurrencies, they must be careful of these “fake bosses”.

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