iOS 15.4 updates the shortcut function, no longer pops up notifications when executing

iOS 15.4 Beta has updated the shortcut function, adding a “Notify When Run” option, so that the iPhone can start the shortcut command without a pop-up notification.

The iOS shortcut function provides a more automated experience for iPhone users. When the user executes the shortcut command, a notification will pop up at the top of the screen to display the running application shortcut. If a Safari shortcut is executed, a notification with the Safari icon and shortcut name will pop up. Although the notification will only be displayed for a few seconds and has little impact on users, many people think that it is unnecessary to block the screen.

Foreign developer Florian Bürger uploads a video using iPhone shortcuts, and Bürger lock screen can directly open third-party camera applications with the launch camera gesture, without entering the home page to activate.

Bürger refers to the new feature of iOS 15.4 Beta, which adds a “Notify When Run” option to shortcuts. If users turn off the option, they can let the iPhone execute shortcut commands under the hidden notification. So Bürger’s iPhone can directly open third-party camera apps through shortcuts without pop-up notifications, just like the phone directly launches the app.

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