Meta faces new lawsuit in Texas over Facebook facial recognition violation of privacy

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has filed a lawsuit against Facebook’s parent company Meta, claiming that Facebook’s facial recognition policy violated the privacy of local people in the past.

Ken Paxton filed a lawsuit in Texas District Court on the 14th, and the lawsuit focuses on Meta’s capture of biometric data in photos uploaded by users to Facebook.

In the past, when you uploaded photos and videos with your friends on Facebook, when you want to tag your friends, the system will automatically suggest name tags for selection, and usually display your friend’s account correctly; Tag your own photos and get notifications, while automatically detecting someone else trying to upload your photo as a sticker to prevent account fraud.

In fact, Meta has implemented facial recognition-related functions since 2010, and did not announce the termination of the facial recognition system until November 2021. Not only the user’s photos and videos are no longer automatically recognized, but the facial recognition computing module and the stored data Data was also deleted.

Ken Paxton said in a statement that Meta has been secretly collecting the most private information of the people of Texas, namely photos and videos, for the benefit of its own company, and for more than 20 years, Texas law has prohibited the situation without user consent. This type of data collection is not carried out under the following conditions, and biometric data cannot be shared with third parties. A person familiar with the matter told the Wall Street Journal that Texas could seek as much as $100 billion in civil damages.

Meta officials responded by calling the claims “baseless,” adding that they would vigorously defend themselves.

The tag-suggesting technology that facial recognition brings to Facebook has already brought Meta a class-action lawsuit for violating the U.S. Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA) until a $650 million settlement with local users is due in February 2021. The settlement, which also led Meta to announce the termination of Facebook’s facial recognition system in early November of the same year, now has to face a new lawsuit brought by Texas.

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