Semiconductor talents are in short supply, and South Korean companies have successively cancelled the retirement age system

Semiconductor is a talent-intensive industry, and the experience of senior engineers in the company is relatively important for product development and production. Therefore, some companies have found that the current retirement age of 60 is a serious waste for relevant talents. In this regard, large technology companies such as Samsung and SK Hynix in South Korea will now cancel the retirement age, and outstanding employees can continue to work even after reaching the retirement age of 60 years old.

According to South Korean media reports, Samsung has only announced that it will introduce the abolition of the retirement age system through the reform of the personnel management system. The purpose is to respond to changes in the environment such as population aging and talent gaps in a pre-emptive manner, and can also create a respectful accumulation. A corporate culture of expertise and experience. The latest progress of Samsung is currently in the process of formulating specific implementation guidelines.

In addition to Samsung, another South Korean technology giant, SK Hynix, has previously launched the Honorary Engineer (HE) system in December 2018, allowing outstanding technical experts to continue working even after they retire at the age of 60. In addition, SK hynix plans to train engineers who are not restricted by the retirement age through an internal university. Among them, in SK hynix University (SKHU), which was established within the company in 2017, retired senior executives of the company have become teachers of the university in the company to continue to pass on their knowledge to the new generation of colleagues.

The report emphasized that, at the same time, the South Korean government also announced on February 10 that it would implement a continuous employment system for the elderly, allowing them to work after the age of 60. However, because extending the retirement age requires legislative amendments, the government allows seniors to continue working in the workplace by way of corporate rehiring even after the retirement age.

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