The internal operation of the memory is gradually realized, and SK hynix announced the successful development of PIM technology

South Korean memory manufacturer SK Hynix announced that it has developed a next-generation memory semiconductor technology PIM (processing-in-memory) with computing functions, which will be officially announced at a public meeting later.

SK hynix said that the new PIM technology plan was announced at the 2022 International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) conference in San Francisco, USA at the end of February. SK hynix emphasized that PIM chips will continue to develop with PIM technology, and ICT products such as smartphones can be expected to play more core application functions in the future, and even achieve the goal of Memory Centric Computing.

At present, SK hynix has developed the first product GDDR6-AiM (Accelerator-in-Memory) sample using PIM technology. GDDR6-AiM is a GDDR6 memory product that adds computing functions to a data transfer speed of 16Gbps. Compared with traditional DRAM, the combination of GDDR6-AiM with CPU and GPU can increase the computing speed up to 16 times in specific computing environments. , so that GDDR6-AiM is expected to be widely used in machine learning, high-performance computing, big data computing and data storage.

The working voltage of GDDR6-AiM is 1.25V, which is lower than the standard working voltage of GDDR6 memory of 1.35V, and the PIM application also reduces the data transmission between CPU and GPU, reducing CPU and GPU energy consumption. In this case, GDDR6-AiM can successfully reduce power consumption by up to 80%.

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