Airbus posts record profit in 2021, looks to climb deliveries in 2022

European Airbus Group (Airbus) released its financial report on the 17th, showing that after two consecutive years of losses caused by the tourism crisis caused by the epidemic, the profit in 2021 will rewrite the record.

Airbus Group’s financial report stated that its net profit in 2021 will climb to 4.2 billion euros (about NT$117 billion), and the number of deliveries will increase by 8% to 611. Airbus’ 2021 revenue climbed 4% to 52.1 billion euros, benefiting from a rise in commercial airliner deliveries.

Airbus posted an adjusted operating profit of 477 million euros last year. Airbus is targeting 720 commercial aircraft deliveries in 2022, indicating optimism about the future.

Airbus CEO Guillaume Faury said in the earnings report: “2021 is a transitional year, and our focus has shifted from dealing with the epidemic to recovery and growth.”

“Thanks to the resilience and hard work of our team, customers and suppliers, we delivered an excellent annual financial report.” Foxi pointed out that the excellent financial report performance was due to the high number of deliveries, coupled with its helicopter, defense and aerospace businesses good performance and efforts to save costs.

Deliveries are an important profitability metric for the airline industry, as customers pay most of the fees when they receive an order. Production of Airbus’ narrow-body A320 jets, which once fell to 40 per month in 2020, is ramping up again, increasing to 45 per month at the end of last year. Airbus plans to produce 65 A320s per month in 2023.

The global air travel industry collapsed in 2020 as countries closed their borders due to the COVID-19 outbreak. In 2020, the global epidemic is raging, and Airbus has been forced to significantly reduce production and lay off 10,000 employees. Now, as the epidemic gradually cools down, Airbus plans to recruit 6,000 people this year. Airbus currently employs more than 126,000 people.

“The company assumes that the world economy, air transport, the ability to operate and deliver products and services will not be significantly affected,” Airbus said in its 2022 financial forecast.

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