NAND Flash spot price rebounds, module makers raise prices of consumer products

The spot price of storage flash memory (NAND Flash) stopped falling and rebounded. As suppliers raised their quotations across the board, memory module manufacturers also followed suit and raised the prices of NAND Flash consumer products.

Memory module manufacturers said that raw materials were contaminated in the NAND Flash production line jointly established by KIOXIA (KIOXIA) and WD (WD), which quickly reversed the oversupply of the NAND Flash market.

As soon as the incident occurred, the memory module factory suspended quotations to clarify the impact of the incident. As NAND Flash suppliers such as Witton announced price increases one after another, module manufacturers also followed up to increase the prices of some products.

The industry pointed out that the quotation of NAND Flash has increased by about 5%, and the price of consumer products has been quickly reflected, and the price increase has been followed up simultaneously, and the price of industrial control related products has not been adjusted yet.

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