South Korea grabs EUV in response to semiconductor expansion, ASML estimates that the amount will more than double by 2025

South Korean technology media “ETnews” reported that ASML, a major exposure equipment manufacturer, has raised its sales target for extreme ultraviolet (EUV) exposure machines in South Korea to 14.75 billion euros in 2025, which is the sales amount in 2021. It can be seen that EUV is regarded as an important key to enhance competitiveness thanks to the increased investment of Samsung and SK Hynix in South Korea.

ASML’s 2021 revenue is 18.6 billion euros , South Korea’s revenue is 6.223 billion euros , and Taiwan’s revenue is 7.223 billion euros , respectively. 50% and 55% growth from 2020.

In the face of the next semiconductor expansion period, ASML pointed out that it expects South Korea’s revenue figures to more than double in 2025 compared to 2021. Taking into account the annual double-digit percentage growth rate, it is likely to reach 20 trillion won . As of 2021, ASML has sold 42 EUV exposure equipment, with TSMC and Samsung purchasing the most EUV.

In response to the demand for semiconductor expansion, Samsung and SK Hynix are expected to invest 57 trillion won in 2022. Samsung expects to introduce more than ten sets of EUV exposure equipment to strengthen the advanced wafer foundry process, while SK Hynix expects to sign an EUV exposure machine import agreement worth about 3.5 billion euros by 2025. High-level memory process production.

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