Do you know these wonderful benefits of Astragalus

Astragalus is a leguminous plant with a yellow to light tan outer epidermis, with longitudinal wrinkles or longitudinal grooves. The outer edge of the cut surface is yellowish-white, the interior is pale yellow, with radial texture and cracks, and some centers are rotten, dark brown or hollow. Astragalus decoction pieces have a small smell, a slightly sweet taste, and a beany smell when chewed. Sweet, medicinal properties lukewarm. Return to the lung and spleen meridians.

Astragalus has the functions of invigorating qi and raising yang, consolidating the surface and stopping sweating, diluting water and reducing swelling, promoting body fluid and nourishing blood, promoting stagnation and dredging arthralgia, supporting toxins and expelling pus, astringing sores and generating muscles.

Astragalus can be used to treat qi deficiency and fatigue, lack of appetite and loose stools, depression of middle qi, prolapse of the rectum for a long time, metrorrhagia and metrorrhagia, spontaneous perspiration, internal heat and thirst, edema due to qi deficiency, chlorosis due to blood deficiency, arthralgia and numbness, hemiplegia, and hard-to-collapse carbuncle. , long collapsed.

How to use Astragalus?

Astragalus can be taken in decoction, or made into pills, powders or ointments. Be sure to follow the doctor’s advice when taking it, and do not increase or decrease the dose yourself.

Astragalus soaked in water instead of tea can relieve spleen deficiency and lung qi deficiency. The surface is full of evil, and there is stagnation inside, yin deficiency and yang hyperactivity, sores and sores are not suitable for consumption.

Astragalus can be drunk with multi-flavored traditional Chinese medicine wine:

Astragalus and Chinese herbs such as Angelica and Rehmannia glutinosa are combined with wine, which can activate blood and nourish yin, strengthen Qi and solidify the appearance, and relieve night sweats.

Astragalus and Codonopsis pilosula are mixed with wine, which can invigorate Qi and spleen, invigorate the lungs and strengthen the surface, relieve shortness of breath and fatigue, spontaneous sweating and fear of wind, etc.

Astragalus, red ginseng, angelica and other traditional Chinese medicines soaked in wine can invigorate Qi, activate blood, clear collaterals and relieve sciatica.

Chinese medicines containing astragalus:

Eleven-flavored Shenqi Tablets: It has the effect of tonifying the spleen and nourishing qi, and can be used to treat weakness and limb weakness caused by spleen deficiency.

Niuhuang Jiangya Tablets: It has the effects of clearing the heart and resolving phlegm, calming the liver and soothing the nerves. It can be used to treat dizziness, headache, insomnia, and restlessness caused by hyperactivity of the heart and liver, and phlegm heat; it can also be used for the treatment of hypertension.

Liver B Yangyin Huoxue Granules: It has the functions of nourishing liver and kidney, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. It is mainly used to treat chronic hepatitis of liver and kidney yin deficiency type, and relieve dull complexion, dizziness, tinnitus, five upset heat, soreness of waist and legs, etc.

Qili Qiangxin Capsules: It can benefit temperature and yang, activate blood and dredge collaterals, diuresis and reduce swelling. It is used for the treatment of coronary heart disease and moderate congestive heart failure caused by hypertension, relieve palpitation, shortness of breath, edema of lower extremities, fatigue, lack of urination, and blue lips. , chills, etc.

It should be noted that both astragalus and ginseng are good medicines for deficiency, but they are not suitable for taking them together, otherwise it will easily lead to anger and even endocrine disorders.

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