Putin went to war to kill himself, and the Russian stock horrified 50%, an epic destruction.

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered war against Ukraine, and the Moscow Stock Exchange suspended all trading, but then the stock exchange issued a statement and resumed trading at 10 am local time on Thursday (24th), unexpectedly, the Russian stock market opened. The massacre started. As of 11:35 a.m. local time , the U.S. dollar-denominated Russian RTS index smashed by 49.09% (or 591.07 points), temporarily reported 613.04 points, and there is no sign of stopping the decline in the short term. , the worst decline in history. In response, netizens called it “epic destruction”.

In addition, the ruble-denominated Moex index of the Russian stock market also plunged 45.22% (or 1689.84 points), temporarily reporting 1690.15 points.

The Moscow Stock Exchange stock index opened lower in early trading on the 24th, falling nearly 10% at one point. About 2 hours after the market opened, the exchange announced a trading halt, before resuming it.

Earlier in the day, according to data from the Moscow Stock Exchange, the dollar-ruble exchange rate rose to 1 to 84.08, the first time since January 2016 to exceed 1 to 84; the euro-ruble exchange rate rose to 1 to 95.24, the first time since January 2016 For the first time since this month, it broke through 1 to 95.

Russia’s central bank, the Bank of Russia, said today that it will take measures to stabilize the ruble and financial markets.

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