The 100 richest people in Ukraine have fled to the remaining 4, and the reason for not being able to escape is exposed.

The situation in Russia and Ukraine is tense. Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the army to enter two pro-Russian regions in eastern Ukraine and recognized it as an independent country. The United States and the European Union successively imposed the first round of sanctions. According to local media reports, affected by the situation in Russia and Ukraine, Ukraine The top 100 richest people fled the country, and only 4 people remain in Ukraine because of suspected corruption and their passports were detained by the court and could not leave the country.

The Ukrainian media “Pravda” reported that as of the 13th, there were more than 20 charter flights out of the country, the largest number in a single day in the past six years. Most of them took off from the capital, Kiev, carrying rich people and parliamentarians, and many of them were to Switzerland. ,Austria.

According to the report, among these charter planes, Rinat Akhmetov, the founder of SCM Holdings, the richest man in Ukraine, ranked 111th on the Forbes rich list, Victor Pinchuk, the second-ranked steel giant, agricultural The richest man Vadim Nesterenko.

In addition to the rich, some Ukrainian lawmakers have also fled the country. The report quoted sources as saying that some opposition lawmakers and businessmen ordered a private jet with a capacity of 50 people and planned to fly to Vienna.

The report pointed out that almost all of Ukraine’s top 100 richest people have fled abroad, and only 4 people remain in Ukraine. Among them, the richest man with 3 passports, Igor Kolomoysky, remains in Ukraine because of corruption. In criminal cases, passports were detained by the court; in addition, the passports of former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko were detained by the court, but it was rumored that he had transferred his family and property abroad.

According to the report, Ukrainian President Zelensky was very angry about this when he made a speech, restricting these people to return to China within 24 hours, otherwise they will suffer serious consequences; many fleeing rich and parliamentarians heard the news and flew back to Ukraine, but some People insisted not to return home.

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