After more than a month of fishing, the wreckage of the F-35C that fell into the South China Sea was found

The aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson of the US Navy, during a fighter take-off and landing training in the South China Sea on January 24 this year, an F-35C crashed into the sea by mistake, and the US military immediately dispatched a search team to find the wreckage of the aircraft. The wreckage of the crashed plane has been recovered.

The salvage task is mainly carried out by the Seventh Fleet’s 75th Task Force (Task Force 75), the Submersible Salvage Advisory Group (SUPSALY) under the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) and other civilian salvage units.

According to the U.S. Naval Institute News (USNI News), the wreckage of the fighter plane was detected by the Japanese Coast Guard fleet about 273 kilometers west of Luzon Island in the Philippines, and the U.S. Marine Corps was notified.

The U.S. military uses cable-controlled underwater rescue boats for salvage work. The camera and sonar system equipped on the boat can more efficiently locate the location of the wreckage, and use the robotic arm to assist the wire rope that lowers the rescue boat underwater. Fixed on aircraft wreckage.

However, Colonel Gareth Healy, commander of the 75th Task Force, also pointed out that due to the shallow depth of the South China Sea, the tides and busy routes made the search more difficult. Will be sent to the nearest U.S. military base for follow-up investigation.

The successful recovery of the F-35C has also relieved the U.S. military and other F-35-using countries, because previous countries were worried that China or Russia might be the first to find the wreckage and obtain important technology.

The F-35C that fell into the sea lost control during landing, the tail hit the deck, and four arresting cables were torn off and fell into the sea. Although 7 people were injured and the deck was damaged, the Carl Vinson incident 45 minutes after the launch, the take-off and landing mission of the fighter aircraft was resumed without much impact.

Although there was an accident on the first deployment, the U.S. Navy is still satisfied with the performance of the F-35C’s first deployment, but the exact cause of the plane crash has yet to be determined after the investigation is published.

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