Tesla abandons radar altogether, Model S/X will enable Tesla Vision

Tesla announced today that it will fully switch to the Tesla Vision self-driving system, including the high-end Model S and Model X, and will also bid farewell to in-vehicle radar.

Tesla said that starting in mid-February 2022, the Model S and Model X produced in the North American market will have the Tesla Vision system enabled. In other words, these two high-end cars will no longer be equipped with radar.

Starting in May 2021, Tesla has begun to introduce Tesla Vision, an autonomous driving software that relies entirely on cameras and computer calculations, and does not require other sensors. The first models to be launched were the Model 3 and Model Y, and now high-end models will join the ranks.

In the process of autonomous driving development, automakers and software manufacturers around the world are divided into two camps. One is Tesla, which believes that computer vision can do all the work that the human eye can handle without the assistance of other sensors; the other is Tesla. Manufacturers other than Latin America believe that computer operations are limited and must rely on lidar, radar, ultrasonic, infrared and other sensors to assist in checking speed, distance and other factors, and with high-precision maps, in order to achieve true autonomous driving.

As of now, no manufacturer has achieved Level 5 fully autonomous driving, so it is too early to say which one will win, but Tesla Vision has passed the safety verification amid many doubts. At the end of 2021, both IIHS and Consumer Reports gave Model Y the highest safety rating for the pure vision solution, proving that it can have the same effect as radar and lidar with only cameras.

At present, only the Model S and Model X in the North American market will use Tesla Vision, and other regions will still have radar, but according to Tesla’s style, Tesla’s entire car series will soon bid farewell to radar.

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