China Travel has become the second growth engine, how does Klook meet the challenge of transnational tourism again?

The travel experience booking platform Klook has released a new logo and brand identity. The first brand redefinition was chosen at this critical moment in the transformation of the tourism industry, which not only represents Klook’s outstanding achievements during the two-year epidemic, but also symbolizes preparation. It is good to meet the new travel patterns and challenges after 2022.

CITS becomes Klook’s second growth engine, 3 travel products are selling well
In mid-May 2021, due to the local epidemic forcing the epidemic prevention to rise to the third level of alert, Klook began to be impacted, but it took about 2 months to get out of the valley of the epidemic, and the revenue and platform traffic returned to the level before the third level of alert. , which means that consumers have not disappeared, and demand can be met through differentiated tourism products. CITS has become Klook’s second growth curve. The revenue performance of CITS in 2021 has surpassed the revenue level of 2019, and the monthly active users have far exceeded the scale before the epidemic.

When the epidemic prevention alert was lowered to the second level, Klook observed that three types of travel products, “car rental”, “online accommodation vouchers” and “glamping”, received enthusiastic responses.

First of all, during the epidemic, consumers prefer to rent a car to go out to avoid taking public transportation, and the annual growth of car rental performance in 2021 will exceed 350%. Online accommodation vouchers can be purchased first and then used, and there is still a chance to cancel the refund before the expiration date. It is suitable for those who want to travel when the epidemic situation changes. Klook revealed that in the second half of 2021, more than 20,000 hot-selling room nights will be available per month. In recent years, one of the ways to get close to nature is camping, which has created a boom in renting glamping sites.

The Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Communications issued about 2.4 million national travel vouchers with a face value of 1,000 yuan last year, and the Klook platform can see that the sales of national travel vouchers have a good effect. Klook claims that the economic benefits of China Travel Vouchers have tripled, because internal statistics show that the average checkout amount of China Travel Vouchers is NT$2,930 per bill, such as buying high-speed rail China Travel tickets, hotel reservations and travel experience itineraries; Klook also adds travel money, more Bring the amount per order to TWD 4,235. At present, the promotion of national travel vouchers is coming to an end, and Klook will add another wave.

The high-speed rail China-tourism combined ticket designed by Klook has been favored by consumers. It has sold 200,000 person-times since last year. It is also an important sales partner of high-speed rail. 60% of consumers will repurchase within 3 months. Prepare for the inbound tourism of foreign tourists.

In fact, since the outbreak of the epidemic, the number of goods and services provided by Klook has grown by a factor of four, from more than 100,000 before the epidemic in 2019 to more than 490,000 in 2021. At the same time, it has also expanded the scope of global services. Can provide travel experience to more than 1,000 destinations, twice as much as before the epidemic. With the gradual relaxation of travel restrictions in various countries, Klook is fully prepared for the opening of international travel.

Looking forward to 2022: More new experiences, Flickket solutions
Coming to 2022, what kind of services and experiences will KLOOK bring in addition to tourism products?

As a practical app for travel and entertainment, consumers can explore and book the best experiences and services on Klook; then consumers can also get more new experiences on Klook, including specialty accommodation and home vacations, car rentals , popular attractions passes, travel-related insurance, and more.

First of all, Klook upgraded accommodation-related products to “Stay+”, packaged accommodation products and surrounding experiences, so that consumers can purchase accommodation plans at great value, and can choose to purchase additional attractions, local tours or other hotel services. Klook also integrates the largest car rental network in Asia Pacific to ensure a sufficient number of car rentals. And the Klook Pass is an exclusive all-in-one digital pass where Klook combines activities and experiences into the best merchandise package. Finally, through an alliance with ZA Tech, Klook became the first platform to introduce comprehensive travel-related insurance to multiple markets in the Asia-Pacific region, while AXA and Chubb were the first to partner with Klook. A company that cooperates to launch a variety of insurance products.

As for merchants, since 2020, the number of merchants who joined Klook to drive digital transformation has grown by 8 times. To this end, Klook will launch a new brand “Flickket”, which will provide merchants with exclusive technical solutions to help merchants accelerate their digitalization and expand global product distribution.

Consumers today expect a touchless experience from start to finish, yet most merchants lack the resources to deploy similar technologies to respond to consumer demand. Through Flickket, merchants can easily adopt the “Express Go!” contactless offline checkout function and can focus on providing travel goods and services. In addition, Klook integrates with Google Sightseeing, Grab ride-hailing services, etc. to help businesses reach a wider consumer base.

“Keep looking”, Klook welcomes new brand identity
The original meaning of Klook is “Keep looking”, encouraging everyone to continue to explore and experience this world full of joy and surprises in their own way.

Now the new logo is named “Joysplash”, which symbolizes the brand-new brand purpose, colorful spirit and passion for life, and continues to seek more rich and vivid play experiences to satisfy their desire for travel. Klook’s new wordmark is also presented with rounded edges and softer lines.

Eric Gnock Fah, Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder of Klook, said that in the past two years, when the tourism industry has faced many challenges, Klook has broken through many obstacles and handed over a dazzling report card. Now is the perfect time to show everyone the new look of Klook. As a new travel generation is about to enter, Klook can become the preferred platform for consumers to explore travel or leisure entertainment, whether they are traveling at home or abroad or in urban entertainment.

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