Musk: The Model S with a 900-kilometer range was produced a year ago, but it was too useless

When it comes to the battery life of electric vehicles, many people think that the higher the better, but Musk said amazingly that they have already made electric vehicles with a battery life of more than 900 kilometers, but it is really useless.

The battery life of an electric car is the most concerned part for many people, especially those who have not bought an electric car. With the launch of Mercedes-Benz EQS with a battery life of more than 700 kilometers, the American startup Lucid Air even claims to have a battery life of 800 kilometers. It seems that it can gradually get rid of mileage anxiety. But electric car leader Tesla disagrees.

When asked by netizens about battery life, Tesla CEO Elon Musk pointed out that Tesla could actually make a Model S with a battery life of more than 960 kilometers a year ago, “But in my opinion, that will only lead to more battery life. Bad product”, Musk believes that 99.9% of the driving time, the owner is driving with a huge useless battery, which will only make acceleration, handling and efficiency worse.

At present, Tesla’s high-endurance vehicles have a range of more than 600 kilometers. Musk pointed out that most car owners can’t even use up 600 kilometers, and the extra battery will only make the energy consumption more ugly.

Musk’s point is that when the battery life exceeds 600 kilometers, does the owner need more battery life or better performance? This is reflected in the Lucid Air, which is evident in the fact that due to its extremely high battery life, most orders are pouring into the performance version rather than the long battery life version. Even if the range is reduced by 80~100 kilometers, the owner would rather switch to a model with about 100 horsepower more.

However, Musk didn’t say that when he promoted Tesla’s strongest sports car, Roadster 2. In addition to the zero-hundred acceleration of less than 2 seconds, another selling point is that the endurance is over a thousand. Isn’t Musk slapped?

The problem still has to go back to battery technology. If you simply use a year-old battery with an old model, it will indeed reduce the efficiency if the battery life exceeds 900 kilometers. However, Mercedes and Lucid have made breakthroughs in body aerodynamics, and battery technology seems to have hidden a secret. Even if the EQS battery capacity is only 7kWh more than Model S, the battery life is 100 kilometers longer. This is indeed a skill.

On the other hand, what Musk said is right. Although the EQS has better endurance than the Model S, the irony is that the price is more than NT$8 million. The EQS 53 AMG 4MATIC+, which emphasizes the performance orientation, adds the official zero-hundred acceleration time of the AMG Dynamic Plus kit. It also takes 3.4 seconds, but the battery life has dropped significantly to 586 kilometers. It can be seen that the choice between battery life and performance is not easy.

In other words, if a passionate car owner spends nearly 10 million to buy an AMG EQS 53 4MATIC+, and encounters a Model S Plaid that sells for less than 5 million yuan on the road, he will only be able to beat Tesla when parking, regardless of battery life, performance or Autopilot. opponent’s side.

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